Monday, May 24, 2010

This Spring is by far the best spring I can remember. The weather is outstanding!! We've been so lucky and I certainly hope the Summer follows suit.
As I may have mentioned, we have a house guest staying with us. Our friend Kimberly who we met while teaching in Korea is from Ottawa and accepted a transfer from her job at CostCo to the new CostCo here in SJ opening this Thursday. She is staying with us for a week or two until she finds an apartment. We haven't seen each other since 2006 so we had a lot of catching up and reminiscing to do.
This past weekend was fairly uneventful. Both John & Kimberly worked on Saturday so I spent the day by myself which I will admit was nice. I had a lazy morning and then by lunch time I got up and went to meet John at my favorite coffee shop-Java Moose. We had coffee and he spent the hour with me and we walked around the mall a bit. After he went back to work I continued my shopping. I didn't buy anything but I had fun looking! Saturday night we drove around showing some apartments to Kimberly. Then John & I watched a movie and went to bed.
Sunday John was off so he and I took the ferry over to the Kingston Pennisula with the intention of going to the big Farmer's Market. Little did we know that the Farmer's Market is only open on Saturdays. So we went for a drive instead. We got our CostCo Membership and then headed home to do some yard work.
Unfortunately I do not get today off =( Because we work so closely with our counterparts in the USA, we sometimes/often follow their holiday schedule instead. So today I work but I get this coming weekend an extra long weekend-Friday and Monday off. Because of our whacky schedule we are lucky enough to get extra holiday days-in total we get 12 paid holidays and 1 birthday holiday paid as well. I don't mind it so much especially since hubbs likes to work holidays (he likes it for the pay cheque). There are a few departments here in my building that only follow the Canadian holiday schedule but as of now I am not in those departments. Maybe someday I will...

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