Friday, May 21, 2010

Road Rage

A lot of you already know my feelings towards Saint John. I don't sugar coat it like most would and when the locals say that Saint John is 'the best place ever' it is rather difficult for me to not give them the "are you effing crazy" look! That said, I do NOT regret our decision to move here at all. I love our neighbourhood and our house better than the house we built in Mt. Uniacke and I feel like we are already so far ahead of where we would be had we stayed in Nova Scotia. John and I are happy where-ever we are as long as we're together!! Don't get me wrong- I am happy here-I just think the city itself sucks! lol!! But we are close to 'home' so it's easy to visit family and friends and we always get a lot of visitors.
Anyway-I think one of my absolute biggest pet peeves about this city is the drivers! Seriously, each day I am on the road I get behind at least one total idiot driver! I'm not the only one who thinks this way either, most of our Nova Scotian visitors or people who have also come to live here and have spent any amount of time travelling the roads have said the same. Even the Saint Johners themselves will tell you that the drivers are insane! I never used to get road rage but since moving here I am almost committable (is that even a word?!).
Now that road construction season is in full tilt boogy it's even more maddening!
Here are some examples of the cereal box licensed drivers I deal with on a daily basis:
1. A detour set up so we are re-routed to a different street. All traffic goes down this different street when we come to a stop sign. There right by the stop sign as well as on the other side of the small street are 2 VERY obvious "No Left Turn" and "ONE WAY STREET" signs! I kid you not people-I counted-there were 4 cars that turned LEFT onto this one way street! WTH?!
2. Again-same detour-this morning an older lady drives around the detour sign and continues onto the street we are not supposed to be driving on. When she gets to the mass amounts of construction and tore up roads that was in plain sight from the detour sign and only possible for her to have missed it if she was BLIND, she stops and doesn't know what to do or how to get turned around so she has to do a U-turn in the most awkward spot all because she ignored the original sign.
3. It is not a law to 'keep to the right except to pass' here. This drives me absolutely bat-shit-crazy as this is the law in NS and here in NB they drive leisurely in the passing lane-NOT passing. It is sooo frustrating.
4. I cannot count as high as the amount of times I've been cut off and had to hold my breath or almost have a heart attack. Today for instance-I'm merging onto the high way. This lady is in the left lane of the high way so I am safe to merge and all of a sudden as I am a foot away from being in the right hand lane she decides to get back into the right lane without even looking. If it has not been for the little bit of merge lane I had left i would have ended up on the gravel shoulder or in the ditch!
5. Pedestrians are like a game to Saint Johner's! I'm serious! They must win cash for every pedestrian they almost hit. It is NUTS! It's scary being a pedestrian and when you stop at a crosswalk for someone they are almost frightened to proceed-like they think you're about to embark on a game of chicken!
6. Countless times I have been driving behind someone who has slammed on their brakes -ON THE HIGHWAY! hello-dangerous!

I could seriously go on forever-in fact someone could write a book about the driver's of Saint John! It's absolutely terrifying! Every day I get home safe and dent or scratch free is a miracle!! My defensive driving skills have been sharpened thats for sure!!!

Well thanks for listening to my rants. Until next time folks...

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