Monday, May 17, 2010

Operation No Friends- Success or Epic Fail?!?!

This weekend was the first weekend John and I had off and alone since January! We have been so lucky to have lots of visitors since we've moved up here! Looks like we're loved ;) hehe!
We didn't do too much this weekend. We hung out at home, cooked yummy breakfasts and lazed in bed. We did yard work and house work and then went out shopping, running errands and to dinner and a movie. We saw the Back Up Plan. It was cute but probably more of a rental. Now I wish we had gone to see Robin Hood instead! Janet, Rick, Andrew and Stephanie came up Sunday night. They decided to crash at our place before embarking on the drive to Toronto!

Now onto another topic that has been stuck with me lately-I miss NS! LOL I don't know if its the beginning of nice weather, the exciting events going on with friends at home or my lack of friends here in Saint John. Whatever it is-I miss Nova Scotia! While we were in Cuba, Debbie and Peter got engaged! Now-in the past 14 months or so, a lot has happened with the ladies of TPCU. Erin got engaged, Nancy got married, I moved, Amanda got engaged, Nancy is pregnant-with a BOY, Debbie and Peter bought a house, Debbie got engaged! Seriously-look at all the exciting and fun stuff I am missing out on! Sure I talk to some of these ladies on an almost daily basis, have gone wedding dress shopping with Erin and Amanda and got to see Nancy's ultrasound LIVE on the computer when she went to 3D Miracles (It's a BOY!!!) but still-I wish I was there in person for all these fun events, planning and discussions!!! I miss it a lot!!

I joked/was half serious when we first began the move to Saint John that I wasn't going to make any friends. I told the girls at TPCU it was 'Operation No Friends' and well-I think that is biting me in the butt! Looks like I may have to alter this to 'Operation Make Friends' because a few good girls nights like dinner and a movie is something I always look forward to!
Well another work week is here ::groan::! Better get to work!

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