Tuesday, June 1, 2010

4 Day Weekends Go Too Fast

I am just ending my lovely 4 day long weekend. Because I work in Sales for a company based out of Rochester, NY I often partake in the USA holidays which is nice. That said, I also miss some of the Canadian ones but because of this we get extra paid holidays which I like very much. So I started my weekend off on Thursday night. I did nothing but relaxed and went to bed pretty early. I woke up Friday morning and had to take our car in for some spring maintence. I had two hours to kill so I walked around CostCo and then called the Courtesy Shuttle at the Car Dealer to come pick me up. We had made reservations at our favorite Thai restaurant a week and a half earlier for John and I as well as Kimberly and Jimmy (no - not a set up whatsoever-just Jimmy wanted to try Thai having never had a lot of ethnic cuisine before and Kimberly, like us, spent some time in Thailand and loves the food as much as we do). Saturday we went shopping to buy a patio set John had seen on sale. We went and bought it and came back and set it up then relaxed outside in the sun on our new patio set. I love it, its six chairs, a table and a big umbrella. I have pics so I'll upload them as soon as I find my camera cord. Saturday night we hung out at home and had dinner outside on our new patio set and then went to the On The Vine Farm market for their big sale. Sunday morning I brewed a big pitcher of home made iced tea which was WAY WAY better than any of that instant stuff. We had iced tea and sat outside in the sun on our new patio set all afternoon. Sunday afternoon, John's friend Jimmy had invited us to his house for dinner. On our way to Jimmy's house we got a flat tire-in the corolla not the new car that was just in for maintenance). It was actually kind of funny in an annoying sort of way. John had to pull over on the highway to change it! Kimberly and I couldn't do too much to help and since none of us had ever changed a tire we all kinda just let John do his thing. Jimmy had quite the spread. He had lots of munchies and then made 2 HUGE pizzas-seriously the biggest pizzas I have ever seen. It was delicious. I had made a cake for desert but we were all way too full to even attempt to eat it.
Monday I woke up and was sort of sad to have my last day off. I really can't complain though because the weather was so beautiful all weekend long. I dropped our car off yet again since they discovered it need new tires and an alignment desperately and went with Kimberly to do some shopping for her new apartment. John and I helped her move her stuff in and then Kim and I went shopping for the day.
Now I am back at work for a short work week. I also have another short week next week (YAY). Tonight I am going to see Sex & The City 2 and I am sooooo excited!!! It's been too long since I have seen my 4 favorite TV ladies get together for cocktails and girl talk!!!

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