Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So So Sad =(

Last night Kimberly and I had plans to go to Sex & The City 2. I rushed after work to meet her there and low and behold both shows were sold out. I was soooo disappointed. All day long I was looking forward to it and then was majorly let down when I got through the doors of Empire Theaters and 3 ladies took one look at me and said "Sex & The City? Sold out hunny". I could have cried. I know I know-don't be so dramatic! BUT I am DYING to see it! When the first Sex & The City movie came out my sister had gotten us tickets to the early screening! It was the night before she moved to Calgary and John and I moved into our first house! It was so awesome to see that movie with my sister. I was sad I couldn't go with her this time. And now this is the icing on the disappointing cake. lol
I was glad when Kimberly moved here because I knew she liked SATC and would want to go see it too. We were both pretty bummed so we went for dinner instead! haha!
Hopefully next week I'll get to see my 4 favorite TV ladies!

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