Friday, June 18, 2010

Announcing the News

The weekend of June 10th to the 13th we went home to Nova Scotia to make the big exciting announcement that Baby W was on the way! We left work early Thursday and had taken Friday off as well. The drive down was so fun and we talked about the baby non stop and got more and more excited to share the news with everyone!!!
I won't go into too many details on this blog about how we told our familiesbut I will say that they were all EXTREMELY excited!! A lot of them were surprised and there were definitely some tears shed! I cried every time we told someone! haha! It's the hormones I swear-that and I am an emotional woman at the best of times so add pregnancy hormones to the mix and I can be a total sap! lol
We gave the dad's father's day gifts and had "World's Best Grandpa" mugs in their gift. My Dad didn't get it at first and had a very funny confused look on his face. When he asked "Are you trying to tell me something?" I was alreadyc rying and said "Yes I am pregnant" and then Dad joined in on the tear fest-as did Ivy! haha! Hugs and congrats were exchanged and they were super pumped! The next day Dad and I spent the day together celebrating an early father's day since he will be in Ontario for the real father's day. We went to Greek Festa dn down to the Halifax waterfront but before we did my Dad just had to stop at Bib N' Tucker on Quinpool drive to check out baby stuff. He bought us a PINK Guess sleeper that is super cute. I think Dad is jinxing us though and now we will likely have all boys! haha! I don't care one way or the other what we have-in fact I think both would be fun in different ways!!! But Dad is pretty insistant that it is a girl-lol!
Rick also opened his father's day gift and saw the mug. He clued in right away and I knew he did by the wide eyes and big smile on his face. He showed the mug to Janet who didn't read the writing on it and said "Oh thats a nice green mug, it matches the shirt they gave you" And then Rick asked her to read it and she then she got wide eyed and was super excited!! We all jumped up from the tabel to exchange big hugs and congrats!! We gave Janet a mug like we had given Rick and her said said "I love you Grandma". The two of them drank Sangria out of their mugs all night! It was awesome! When Kyle and Jaime arrived we sat down and after we had settled into our seats on the gazebo Rick asked Jaime to pass him his mig. She read it and I know she got it right away because she asked "IS someone preggo?" and Kyle looked confused at first and asked "Who?" we all laughed and then more congrats were exchanged!! That night at dinner Janet & Rick opened their wine from our wedding that we had given them to celebrate. They all liked the wine a lot and I of course did not have any but I thought it was a really nice idea and a great way to toast to the new baby on the way!
I also called my sister to tell her the news. Since her and my mom share most everything I swore her to secrecy and then some. She was at work and she was soooo excited to hear she was going to be an Aunt!! Although she was slightly concerned as to how she would see my baby bump grow so I reassured her I would take lots of pictures (which reminds me-I should probably start that soon).
Saturday afternoon we headed to Bridgewater. We had plans to tell John's Nanny & Bampy! Kyle came with us (Jaime had to work) and Janet & Rick also stopped in for the big reveal on their way to Chester. We had mugs for Nanny & Bampy as well. We gave Bampy his father's day gift (the mug that said "New Great Grandfather") and when he opened it at first he read it out loud. I knew Nancy and Elaine knew right away but Bampy took a little longer to clue in. He thought it meant that he was a really great-as in super good-grandfather! Once Nancy said "Dad, I think someone is pregnant. you're going to be a great grandfather" he got it then of course and the excitement and hugs started again!!!
After we had told Nanny & Bampy, John called Andrew in Toronto to tell them our news. He got Andrew on the phone and asked him if he had lunch yet. When Andrew said No John told him he should go to A&W to get himself an UNCLE burger! Andrew knew what that meant right away. We passed the phone around between Andrew, Stephanie, John and I and they were very happy for us and wished us all the best!!
Saturday after Bridgewater we went to Halifax to see my mom and Donald at Aunt Nancy's. Knowing I didn't really have the father's day excuse to tell her I had to get a little crafty. Since my mom is always bringing me cute little things on her visits-like something for my office, my desk, my deck, my house, etc I thought I could say I had something for her desk this time. I had a little calender that counted down the weeks til she was a grandma! I randomly found it one day in Hallmark. I didn't even realize it was for sale since it was the only one and sitting on an odd shelf. It was actually right after my mom had given me a nice little coaster/plaque thingy for my desk at work that said a nice quote about daughters. She gave it to me saying "This is for your desk at work" so I thought I would pull the same thing with her. She opened it up and barely even had to look at it before she jumped up screaming "I KNEW IT" lol!! She gave my Aunt Nancy the calendar and threw her arms around me and then John!!! Apparently she had been saying to Donald and her friend Phyllis "I wonder if Ainslie is pregnant because...<---insert something silly she overanalyzed here" lol! In all honesty-my mother has probably been looking too far into everything I have been saying or doing since the day after our wedding-haha. My Aunt Nancy had bought a book on pregnancy a while back and kept it at her office so when they went to run an errand she had Donald stop by her office to pick it up so she could give it to me. It was really sweet and thoughtful!! They also had a birthday cake for me since my birthday is coming up and Mom wanted to have a cake for me (hey, I'm never one to turn down a birthday cake). They picked the cake up while they were out and it said "Happy Birthday Mother To Be"!!! The next morning I called my nannie in Sydney. I told her the news and although she has alzheimers, she was very excited and asked a lot of questions. She even asked to speak to my husband "John Walker" (I was shocked she remembered his last name-she always remembers his first name) and congratulated him as well. It was very sweet and I will bring her home something that says Great Grandma on it when I go home to CB next!!
It was funny to watch everyone's reaction. I know that is something John and I will never forget. I would have gotten pictures or video of each person's reaction but I figured they would suspect something and besides it was nice to just have the moment in itself and capture the after moments!! That kind of in the moment reaction-excitement, love and happiness really and truly cannot be captured on film!
All in all it was one of the most exciting weekends of my life!!! Here are a few of the pictures we took that weekend (sorry, I have no idea how to post them in the correct order)!

Daddy & Mommy To Be

My Birthday cake

Nanny, me and Daddy

Me and my mom!

Uncle Kyle and Daddy-to-be!

Delicious Dinner

Grandad, me and Nanny

Granddad, John and Nanny!

Cheers to a Christmas Grandchild!

Papa with the pink Guess sleeper

Papa and me!

Proud Papa!

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