Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Baby Walker: EDD December 23rd, 2010

John and I are over the moon excited to be expecting our first baby this Christmas!! I am almost 13 weeks along and feeling pretty good! I am just so excited to be pregnant that all the morning sickness and frequent pee breaks in the world wouldn't have me complaining!!!

We found out this exciting news on April 18th. Not even a week before we were set to go to Cuba with The Walker Family!! We had just gotten home from a weekend in Halifax. It was Sunday evening and we were unpacking our bags and getting ready for the work week. We took a test and the 2 dark pink lines appeared almost immediately! I was so shocked! Completely and totally in disbelief! John was with me and I could see the huge smile that was forming on his face. We grabbed 2 more tests-although I was shaking so hard I couldn't open the packaging! And I took 2 more-in total we did three tests that night. 1 dollar store test, 1 First Response test and 1 Clear Blue Easy digital test. We laughed, we cried, we hugged and kissed! We were sooooo excited!! We talked the whole night about when we would tell people our news. We decided even before we were pregnant that we would wait until 3 months along before we told anyone. So we knew we had to come up with an extremely good plan to hide it from everyone in Cuba. That proved to be not as tough as I thought! We just ordered our drinks for me when no one was around and ordered non-alcoholic/virgin daquiris and pina colodas and when those got to be way to sweet I ordered a sparkling water with lime and told everyone it was a vodka and soda! No one was the wiser!

We held it in for the 12 weeks and it became actually pretty fun to have such a big secret just between us!! It was our special thing!!! We were so happy and so excited that it was nice once the 12 weeks hit and we could share our news with our families and friends who were also beyong thrilled!! *More on how we told our families in a later post*

We had a couple prenatal appointments and also had the usual bloodwork and urine analysis. On Wednesday June 9th we had another prenatal appointment, this time we were hoping to hear the baby's heartbeat since we would be 1 day short of 12 weeks. Dr. H had a Med Student with him for a couple of weeks so she (the MEd student) started our appointment that day. She was young but very sweet. Heck - our doctor (Dr. H) is probably the same age as us so now we have 2 youngins check us and Baby W out!! Natalie, the med student, checks my blood pressure, weight, sugars and protein in the urine, etc and the appointment continues as normal. We talk some more about whats to come and how I am feeling and then she says "okay, well I am going to get you to jump up on the table and we'll find this baby's heartbeat" I'm beyond excited and anxious and then she says "but before we do, I want to let you know that I've only done this 3 times before. And of those 3 times I've only found the heart beat once. So if I don't find it right away don't panic. Dr.H will come in and he'll find it no problem. I'm just new at this and learning and I want to tell you that straight away rather than pretend to be a superstar and have you panic when you don't hear anything" Immediately I feel better. Although Natalie is a rookie she is very comfroting and sweet and will make a fantastic Doctor. So she puts some gel on my belly and starts with the doppler. She moves it around for a minute-we hear a few things that are obviously me and then there it is "Woosh Woosh Woosh"!! I say "thats it, isn't it?" but I already know the answer because Natalie is smiling wide. She says "yes that is your baby's heartbeat". I immedaitely well up and look at John who is holding my hand and getting watery and we are just so excited and I'm hugely relieved. Natalie says "Oh my-Now I'm starting to cry. This is emotional." and we laugh and I look at her and she really does have tears! lol So then after we finish she says that Dr. H will prbably want to hear it as well. She goes out to get him and Dr.H comes in and goes over everything again. Do we have any concerns? NO. How am I feeling? GREAT. Any vomitting or nausea? Some but I can handle it. etc etc etc. Then after all is said and done he says "so I'd like to see you back for your next prenatal in 4 weeks" as if the appointment is over. So I say "Oh did you want to hear the heartbeat?" and Dr H says "do you want me to hear it? I can" and I say "well I don't mind hearing it again, lol. Natalie mentioned you may want to her it" so we get to hear it twice. Dr.H found it immediately! It was loud and strong! AWESOME!!! It was definitely one of the best moments of my life!!!
Here are some pictures from the first few days after we initially found out the best news we've ever gotten!!!

Daddy-to-be bought me this book the day after we got the positive pregnancy test!!!

The proud and very excited Daddy to be!!!

There is no doubt that those are 2 pinks lines! =)

Me only mere minutes after finding out the best news EVER!

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