Monday, June 7, 2010

A Busy New CostCo Parking Lot + SJ Drivers = YIKES

This weekend the weather was an absolute crap shoot! It was awful. It didn't just rain but it poured buckets all.weekend.long! It was dreadful. Saturday John was off so we just hung out at home. We watched a few movies this weekend and then Sunday he had to work. I went out yesterday to do some father's day shopping but with the bad weather and busy malls and such I got pretty cranky pretty fast and couldn't wait to get out of there.
I also had a couple pictures developed at Costco. I had wanted to develop them and thought that sicne CostCo was open I would send them there via the online service and go pick them up. I had them ordered last week so I attempted to go pick them up yesterday. YIKES-that was a nightmare! The parking lot was beyond insane. I seriously drove around for 20 minutes until a spot finally opened up. I ran through the rain into the busy building only to find out that there was some kind of glitch with the system and they never got my photos so therefore had nothing for me to pick up. GRRRRRR...I was cranky. The parking lot was not just full and busy-it was downright terrifying! How I got out of there with my life and an unscratched car is beyond me! Miracles do happen I guess-lol!
Overall it was a non eventful weekend that went by pretty quickly. Looking forward to another short week and a long weekend ahead of us though!!
Until then....

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