Monday, June 28, 2010

Wonderful Weekend!

Another fantastic sunny weekend!! It was a great weekend for us! We enjoyed a weekend at home in our house together!! Between John working and travelling home to Nova Scotia, it was nice to kick back, relax and have no real set plans.
Friday night my friend Kerra came over. She was working in Moncton all week so she decided to drive the extra hour and 15 minutes to see her sister (who also lives in Quispamsis) and me. It was really nice to hang out and catch up! We talk via email all the time but its always nice to hang out with a friend in person!! John and I made supper and Kerra brought a delicious desert! We BBQ'ed chicken, potatoes, sweet potatoes with curried mayo, corn on the cob and a spinach salad. Kerra and John had a little wine while I enjoyed my water with lemon and I'll be honest-water with lemon is the absolute best thing ever these days! lol I just cannot seem to get enough! AND...last night I decided to be a little more wild and have water with cucumber slices which is almost as equally delish. I can say that water with lemon is the only must have pregnancy craving I really and truly have as of now!!
Kerra brought 6 fancy and utterly delicious squares for desert that she picked up at a bakery in Moncton!! They were scrumptious!! Kerra and I chatted all evening and I really enjoyed her visit. She left around 10:30 to go to her sister's house for the night.
Saturday morning John and I were up bright and early. We had breakfast and then relaxed outside for a bit. John kicked my butt badly in a game of 1 on 1 washer toss. We decided to take the ferry over to the Kingston Pennisula and check out the Saturday morning farmer's market. It was really nice! We enjoyed it a lot. We decided to stay and have lunch there. After our lunch we went to Bates Strawberry U-Pick and picked lots and lots of strawberries. It was a lot of fun! John said he'd like to make that a tradition and I think thats a great idea too! My sister and I used to go in the summer to a U-Pick with our Nannie and I always remember it being so much fun! Saturday night we stayed in and watched 'Shutter Island'. After the movie I was exhausted so we hit the hay pretty early.
Sunday John had to work so I had a pretty lazy day. The weather was beautiful again so I enjoyed some time outside and also got up to wash and hull what seemed to be a never ending supply of strawberries. I also had this great ambition to make strawberry jam so I spent a lot of time doing that as well. I made 2 batches of home made strawberry jam and then I was beat!
John came home from work and we BBQ'ed and sat outside.
I managed to stay awake until 11pm to watch True Blood last night which I am now paying for badly! It's not a great idea to start a Monday this tired!

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