Thursday, June 24, 2010

14 Weeks Today!

How far along? 14 weeks
How big is baby?: about 3.5 inches (about the size of a lemon) and around 1.5 oz
Weight gain/loss: Well one day I looked and had stayed the same, the next day I looked and the scale said +2 lbs and then another day it was no gain so I don't really know. I thinik I'll just pick one day a week and check that day, just for accuracy sake!
Maternity clothes? John bought me a bunch of maternity clothes for my birthday and since most of my jeans are uncomfortable now I think I will probably wear maternity jeans for the first time tomorrow! I have been wearing my regular jeans and when the bloat kicks in just putting an elastic band around the button and through the button hole for the extra inch or two of comfort but I think I will give the ol maternity jeans a try tomorrow for casual day at work!
Stretch marks? Nope
Sleep? LOVE it! and there is no such thing as too much of it these days. I do get up every night at least once to make a trip to the bathroom but thats it!
Best moment this week? Trying on maternity clothes and trying on the baby belly!
Food cravings: hmmm-nothing really! Just ice water with lemon!
Gender: Team Green!
Belly button in or out? In
Movement? No not yet-but I am excited for when that day comes! In reality probably not for another 6 weeks give or take!
What I miss? Nothing! I LOVE being pregnant!!
What I'm looking forward to: Our Ultrasound on the 23rd of July and vacation with hubby in Cape Breton!! Haven't really been home for a quality visit since Christmas!!
Weekly wisdom: Enjoy every minute of this, it goes by too fast!
Milestones: growing out of some of my clothes already and officially being in 2nd trimester-some books say once you hit 13 weeks but doctors say it's after week 13 and once you hit 14 weeks!

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