Monday, July 26, 2010

Fun Filled Yet Laid Back Weekend

WHat a great weekend! It was fun yet also very relaxed and laid back which was nice. Friday night after work I floated to the mall. I was so excited after seeing baby I decided to check out Babies R Us. John was playing hockey and I had plans to meet with a couple of gals for ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery and so I killed some time at BRU (BRU = Babies R Us). But I didn't buy anything-jus browsed and checked out all the baby stuff. I met the girls for ice cream and we stayed there for 3 hours chatting. It was a lot of fun. One of the girls, Tawnya, is also pregnant and due in October. Lots of fun baby chatting going on!
Saturday John had to work so I woke up early but had a lazy morning. Then I got ready and went to pick Kimberly up. We went downtown to the City Market and had lunch there (Korean food) then walked around Uptown and checked out the Busker's on the boardwalk. It was a nice afternoon. I came home and made supper for my hubby and we ran some errands that evening. We started to watch a movie but I fell asleep!
John was off Sunday so we got up and had a nice morning. The day started awesome as I was pretty sure (but not 100% sure) that I felt our baby move. John suggested we go into the city to shop for baby stuff. I jumped at this suggestion. John wants to start buying some of the baby items now and continue to do so as we go so that its not something we have to do all at once or last minute. He was determined to buy something for the baby that day-haha! We first went to Stylin Mama, Baby and Tot in Market Square. We decided to get the stroller. We picked this item out as one of the very first baby items we wanted. I had read reviews on this particular stroller it was the one we had decided on (I feel like I spend a lot of time researching baby stuff and reading reviews).Unfortunately the stroller is on back order for the time being so we ordered one for when the constraint issues were lifted. They'll call us when it comes in.
Then we went to BRU and looked at other baby items. We bought the baby's car seat. It was our very first baby purchase and is now sitting in our baby's room waiting to be installed in our car in about 4 months time! It's so exciting to think in about 5 months we'll be bringing home our new little bundle of joy in that car seat!!
It's all starting to feel very real which is awesome! Hearing the heartbeat, seeing the baby on the ultrasound and now feeling the baby (if you missed this - read the previous blog post). Life is awesome!!!!
Here are some pictures in no particular order but I wanted to share them...

Delicious and totally too pretty to eat chocolates that Dad & Ivy gave me for my birthday (I did eat them though-lol)

My very sweet and thoughtful friends (Erin, Amanda and Debbie) sent John and I these beautiful flowers last Wednesday after hearing about John's Nanny. (Of course I cried when I opened them-it was to sweet for this pregnant gal's emotions, lol)

So pretty!!!

Bampy gave us this rocking horse for his great-grand'son' (he thinks/is convinced its a boy). This toy is VERY special because it was Janet's growing up and John also played with it. Our baby will use it now and then we'll give it to our grandchild someday!! On the bottom of this horse was "In memory of Great Nanny Meisner" and let me tell you-I was a sobbing mess when he gave this to us!! Tears tears and more tears!

So sweet!

Daddy with our first baby purchase!! xoxo


Lauren (Auntie L) said...

Those pics just made me bawl like a baby! So beautiful and what a proud Daddy bringing home the baby things! I cannot wait to meet my nephew/niece!:)

Mrs. W said...

I can't wait for you to meet him/her either!!