Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Great Name Debate

I'm pretty sure that naming a child is the most difficult decision ever! lol John and I have been tossing ideas around left, right and center and as soon as we think we agree on a couple, one of us changes our mind (usually me in all honesty). It's such a tough decision! Our child will have this name forever and it will shape him/her forever. We want unique-but not weird! Simple but yet not too simple.
Tonight on our way home from grocery shopping we got to talk about naming something else-the brand new baby deer that belongs to the family of deer we have visiting our yard on an almost daily basis. Since we moved into this house we've had so many deer (one time as many as 8 deer at once in our back yard). They are not afraid of people at all and do not frighten very easily. We named the first one we saw immediately-LuLu! In fact, it was Janet that chose this name as she looked out our window the morning after she had moved us in and called the deer LuLu. It stuck and thats what we called her. Then we had a rather funny incident with another one whom earned the name 'Tappy" and then the big buck we just call 'Mr'. So when this new baby deer showed up we couldn't think of a name. On the way home we were saying how we ought to come up with a little name for the baby deer since we've just been calling it 'baby deer' since we first saw it. John tossed a couple out, as did I and each name we chose the other didn't like. John then shakes his head and says "look at us, we can't even agree on a name for a silly deer. This is hilarious". Both of us burst out laughing as we realized how silly it was and how ridiculous we were for
a) naming this deer in the first place and actually referring to them by name-as in "hey John/Ainslie, LuLu is outside again"
b) not being able to agree on a name for a deer and being so choosy about it like it really mattered in the first place

After we settled down from all the laughing, I made note to decide on a couple definite names by the time this baby was born so that it's not nameless for the first 4 months of it's life. Afterall if Mommy and Daddy take that much time and can't agree on a name for a silly little deer that visits our back yard-this baby could be in for some name trouble! LOL
Maybe we're just perfectionists out to chose the best possible name for our precious little one!!?? Yeah, we'll go with that ;)


Lauren said...

hahaha! you guys are hilarious lol SO whats the verdict! What did you name the deer? the suspense is killing me!! lol

Mrs. W said...

Lame eh?! We named him/her Skippy-because she runs/skips around our yard like a puppy-its cute!