Monday, August 2, 2010


Friday night as we were lying in bed, Baby Walker must have been having a little party for him/herself in the womb because the movement was non stop. It was incredible. I lay there, not ready to close my eyes and go to sleep - just enjoying the moment! The baby has moved every day since I originally felt him/her - Friday night it was just a lot of movement and for a longer period of time! It's such an amazing feeling! I'm really looking forward to the day John can feel the baby kick!! I find the movement happens more at night! Although I have already felt Baby a number of times today! ::sigh:: Life is awesome!
We spent the entire weekend painting. Well John did most of it and I helped a little bit but he kept booting me outside in the sunshine away from the paint fumes and well let's face it, I didn't put up too much of a fuss! haha! I did read a book this weekend. Finished it from start to finish. It was a FANTASTIC book. Best book I read in a long time. I had a hard time putting it down and even found myself sobbing (literally balling my eyes out) at a part in the book. If you are looking for a really good read then I'd reccommend 'The Friday Night Knitting Club' by Kate Jacobs! It was reccommended to me by a friend, Nancy and she was right-super good book. I hated finishing it to be honest!
Saturday we went out for Pizza at Pomodori Pizza since our kitchen was torn apart. It was delicious and they had the best Spinach Salad I've ever eaten! Sooo yummy! The pizza was really good too!
I plan on posting some pictures from the completed paint project. I'll post before and after pictures just as soon as everything has been completed! We'll be painting the nursery next (Soooo excited for that). We'll probably wait until September before tackling that project though!
Stay tuned...

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