Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pre-Natal Assessment

This afternoon John and I went to the Hospital's Maternity Ward to meet with the Pre-Natal Coordinator for our Pre-Natal Assessment. We went over our medical histories, our family medical history, the pregnancy itself and the hospital. She gave us our forms for pre-registering at the hospital and we got signed up for our 6 week Pre-Natal Classes starting in October! We even had a few laughs especially when the subject of the 'coach' (as in labor and delivery coach)came up and John thought she was saying couch like a sofa couch-LOL!! He didn't understand why there would be a couch in our delivery room-he is soooo cute!! [for the record, I asked his permission before posting this story to the blog].
She gave us a lot of really valuable information already. We covered topics from the pregnancy, labour and delivery, breastfeeding, car seats and even parking in the hospital when I go into labour, how long I'd be staying in the hospital and that they have a bed for hubby. With all that information jammed into one appointment, I am looking forward to the 6 classes in October and November to learn and talk about this exciting journey even more!! We'll do a maternity ward tour at that time as well. We left the appointment with a package of information and there is more to come!! There are a lot of things to know when having a baby.
While in the maternity ward for this appointment, I noticed there was a couple who were getting ready to take home their baby from the hospital. There they stood - mommy, daddy and daddy holding the car seat-they had a look of pride, joy, excitement and fear all in one. I got giddy with excitement just thinking that will be us in about 20 - 21 weeks ;)

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Lauren said...

John, you are the funniest person EVER... and only because you dont even know it!!! hahaha thanks for making my day!:)