Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Remarkable Woman

On Friday July 16th 2010, the world lost a very special woman!! Elaine Mary Meisner passed away at the age of 72. For those of you who do not know who this remarkable woman was-she was John's grandmother. I thought of her as another grandmother to me -in fact I'd say Jaime and Stephanie would say the same.
In March of 2010 she was diagnosed with cancer and had a difficult struggle over the months that past. Her fight ended a mere 4 and a half months after this diagnosis.
She had a spirit that you had to experience to understand. She was fun, outgoing, and loving-just to name a few qualities! Nanny Meisner was the only woman I know that in her 70's still enjoyed hunting, fishing, snowmobiling and fourwheeling. Bluegrass festivals and campouts were how she would spend her summer months as this was also a great passion of hers.
She meant the world to her family and her family meant the world to her. She was married to John's grandfather, Forrest (aka Bampy to us) for 52 years and in the words of Bampy-it wasn't nearly long enough!
Her obituary can be found here.
I posted a few pictures that I had on my computer at work.

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