Friday, August 20, 2010

John Felt Our Baby Move

It's true and I am soooo happy and excited! Last night we were lying in bed, John gave me a kiss goodnight and kissed baby (my belly) good night as well. We lay there very quiet with John's hand resting on my belly as we have been doing every night before for the past little while with hopes he'd feel baby move. And then-Baby kicked twice in a row. I didn't know if John would have felt it so I kept quiet but he immediately piped up saying "I FELT IT! It kicked twice didn't it?" Yes he did feel baby kick twice right where his hand was! It made me soooo happy and John was thrilled too!
When we woke up this morning we were both still beaming!! I can't wait for baby to get even stronger so John will feel it all the time!!! This is the best!! I feel so much love for my growing little family!!

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