Monday, August 23, 2010

Holy Dance Party

This baby is moving and grooving up a storm today! It's crazy! I didn't feel anything really all morning and now, after lunch I have never felt as much movement before as I am feeling right now! What a crazy awesome feeling! Maybe my lunch of chicken spinach salad, yogurt and a bottle of cranberry juice is what made baby feel energized?! lol It has not stopped and its sooo awesome!
In other, non baby related news...Friday night we had plans with some new friends to go to Suwanna for dinner and drinks (although being one of the 2 pregnant women that were in attendance, we sipped perrier while everyone else sipped Thai beer and wine). We all shared some DELICIOUS appetizers and the meals (as always) were absolutely scrumptious! This is by far one of my favorite restaurants in Saint John (maybe even of all time). Suwana is a VERY popular restaurant in Saint John and weekend reservations must be made weeks in advance. Its sooo good!
The rest of my weekend was very low key. I luckily caught up on some sleep. It was much needed! I've also been experiencing sciatica which is super annoying!! Nothing I can't handle of course I just hope the back pain eases and doesn't get too much worse-I still have another 17 weeks and change left to go!
On a plus side-I only have about 16 Monday's left! haha! monday's are the worst days ever! I hate looking into a long week of work! I think knowing I have a year's maternity leave coming up makes it much more difficult to get through the long work weeks. lol

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