Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Let's Talk Pregnancy Brain

I have often heard women talk of the elusive 'pregnancy brain'! To be frank and totally honest-I always thought it was utterly and ocmpletely BOGUS! Well the past few days I have been in a fog and I worry I am going to have to eat these words.
Example #1: I was paying for a purchase yesterday and I needed to get $20 cash back. I saw approved on the interac machine and completely walked away. If it wasn't for the clerk yelling after me I would have been out my $20.
Example #2: This example takes the cake as far as I'm concerned. This morning started out as very normal and routine. I left the house with my purse and my lunch bag in hand and locked then closed the door. I walk over to my car only to gasp, turn on my heels and walk back to my door. I look inside the house and there are my car and house keys hanging where they always hang on the key rack. CRAP! Luckily we have some nice older retired neighbours who were home and allowed me to come in and use their phone to call John and then my boss to tell him I'd be late for work.
Perhaps this is just a clueless week-yes that is what I am going with! I will not believe in this silly concept! Raging hormones or not-I am 100% completely with it-composed, calm, cool and collected! I will not accept anything else!


Sheena said...

Well, you better accept it lady! lol
Just the other day I was leaving a note to Mark about something or other and for the life of me, I could not remember how to spell the word WITH. Yep. It's baby brain all the way :)

Mrs. W said...

Maybe foggy brain (aka baby brain) is from pregnant women always floating on cloud nine ;) hehe

Jessi said...

Oh boy...me too. I forget what I was going to do, or leave the refrigerator door open...and everyone says it just gets worse..YIKES!! What are we in for. I will you - I'll keep telling myself I am 100% with it!!