Thursday, September 30, 2010

28 Weeks = 3rd Trimester

We are 2/3's of the way there! Only 12 more weeks (approx) until we get to meet our new little addition! The 3rd trimester is also the shortest (First trimester = weeks 1-13, Second trimester = weeks 14-27, Third trimester = weeks 28-40).
I am still feeling great although I am definitely feeling larger these days! It's not totally uncomfortable or anything just noticeably larger! John has also notcied the growth spurt. Baby is VERY active and moving and kicking all the time-it's something I'll never get sick of!! The kicking is much stronger (and yes sometimes it does hurt or get a little uncomfortable-like yesterday when my ribs were being attacked- but I still love every second of it). We talk to the baby a lot since s/he can now hear and recognize our voices!
We still have a few nursery things to do but nothing too big and I did find some really nice wall prints I plan to get for the walls of the baby's room. It's all coming together nicely.
Our stroller will be in the first of October so I will have to test drive that around the neighbourhood-haha! I can already see the neighbours talking now about the crazy lady who walks the empty stroller around the streets of a quiet Quispamsis subdivision!
I still crave sweets like candy and chocolate and have been doing ocassionally well to curb the cravings but still cave a lot and indulge in some sugary goodness! My belly button is still very much in and there has been no sign of stretch marks (although a few close calls which turned out to be pillow creases after waking up-haha)

I am REALLY looking forward to this weekend-actually all of October looks pretty fun for us!! This weekend we are both off on Friday so my lovely husband surprised me with some very sweet plans for our anniversary. He booked us a hotel room at the new Moncton Casino Hotel so we'll go there tomorrow to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary-and the last one as just the two of us! We're getting up early and leaving to enjoy the day in Moncton. He also booked me a Mommy Massage at the spa which I could not be more excited for (especially since I woke up this morning with a monstor kink in my neck and shoulders). We'll get up early on Saturday and head down to Baddeck for my step-brother (Darcy) and his soon to be wife Sarah's wedding! I am looking forward to seeing all my Dad's family since it has been a long time since we've seen them (since before I was pregnant). My Aunt Heather is also home from Ontario so it will be great to see her again (I haven't seen her since last summer). We'll stay at my mom's house Saturday night after the wedding since she lives only 45 minutes to an hour away and I don't get to go to my old childhood house all that often (we live 7-8 hours drive away now ::tear::). Sunday we're going to get up early again and go spend the day with my Nannie and Mom before heading back on the road for the long journey home to Saint John. It will be a busy but very fun weekend!
The following weekend is THANKSGIVING! YAY!!! Thanksgiving is probably my second favorite holiday. We will be travelling to Halifax and New Ross that weekend. A few years ago we started a new tradition in John's family where we all go to his grandparents camp for Thanksgiving and have washer toss and crib tournaments! It's a lot of fun and yes, there are even trophies involved! I have yet to get my name on a trophy but here's hoping this year is the lucky year (I came pretty close last year). We partner up in teams of two and each team has a male and a female (and the rules are you cannot be partnered with your spouse). It's a lot of fun and always a great day! Since John's Nanny sadly passed away this summer, it will be much different I'm sure, but we've all decided that this annual Thanksgiving tournament will now be a memorial tournament in her memory!!! Such a nice touch!! Sunday we'll also have dinner at my Dad's and spend time with his family!!! We'll stay the night there on Sunday and then head back to Saint John on Monday!! I love any holiday that involves time with family, good food and fun!!!
The following weekend is a rest weekend at home-hahaha!!!
The weekend after that we will have to head home again! And it's also the weekend of my friend, Amanda's bridal shower! I absolutely cannot wait to see the girls again! Since Baby Walker is due to arrive around the time of her actual wedding, the odds are not looking overly good that I'll be able to make it for that =( It's going to be THE wedding of 2010 and will even go on into 2011 (she's getting married on NYE)!!
The next weekend will be Halloween and I love passing out treats and seeing all the cute kiddies dressed up!! I would assume we'll get more trick or treaters than at our last house since we live in a subdivision now (our old house was not in a subdivision but more of on a main road/little high way). I've got some cute Halloween decorations and will be decking out the Walker residence in spooky festiveness soon! *Note: I have advised my hubby not to buy any Halloween treats until the day before-with this sweet tooth I cannot be trusted!! lol
Then November 6th is here and do you know what that day is??? BABY SHOWER DAY! That's right! *Note: if you are reading this and a little put off that you didn't get an invite -it's because they didn't send them out yet* I don't know many details but my Aunt and Mother are planning it and it will be in Halifax! I'm pretty excited!!!
So thats October in a nutshell (and the first week of November). After that crazy busy schedule we will be staying very close to home until Baby is here!!! My sister flies in the 16th of December and I'm not sure when I'll finish up work! Probably mid-Decmber-ish?! We'll see how I feel!! I'd like to stay as long as possible so I can take the time on the other end when baby is actually here. I know that I for sure won't be returning to work until January 2012 because I will also have vacation days to use (left over from the 2011 year and then new vacation days for the 2012 year) so I will use whatever is necessary of them to stay out until January 2012. Unless we win the lottery in which case I will not be returning to work =)

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