Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cranky Days

I am having a cranky day yesterday and today. I don't have these very often but it's one of those days. I don't know why I am in a foul mood-and I shouldn't be I had a great weekend! We got to spend time with a lot of family (which I will blog about tonight/tomorrow). We have another great weekend coming up and I am feeling good (other than being a little tired from my busy busy weekend). Work is annoying me - I lost 2 deals to competitors which royaly sucks and with Q4 here things are getting a bit more stressful! My house annoys me right now- I need to do some fall cleaning but with so many busy weekends and evenings I just don't have time and of course our HVAC broke with bugs the crap out of me (yet another expense), and last night I almost took John's head off because there was no OJ left-now thats nutty! I just wish I could go home, get in some cozy jammies and sleep the rest of this day away but unfortunately I cannot! Sure-some of you would say to take a day to rest and stay home but over the course of this pregnancy I have not yet called in sick because I am tired, had morning sickness, just feel uncomfortable, etc and I'm not about to start. Maybe this attitude will change in the end as I feel even more uncomfortable but for now I feel like I have nothing to complain about. I mean I'm pregnant - which means I'm not supposed to feel how I did pre-pregnancy- DUH! ;)
Other than the moodiness and tiredness today-I feel pretty good. I won't be one  of 'those' pregnant women who use it as an excuse for everything! I had the occasional cranky day even before I was pregnant so it's no big deal now?! It will pass and I will be back to happy go lucky Ainslie!

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Jessi said...

Oh no - I had one of those on Sunday - full on tears and everything....you've got a much better attitude about it. I let myself have the pity party for a couple hours.