Wednesday, September 1, 2010


WOW! What a heat wave we're in right now! I cannot even believe the temperatures and humidity we're experiencing. It's so hot, I literally feel as though I am melting. Our house is like a sauna-except the downstairs which stays beautifully cool! My office is INSANE-even with the air conditioning it doesn't help since the entire building is glass windows and I'm on the top floor with a window seat-makes it worse. The outside has absolutely no breeze and even late at night the temperature is still incredibly high. And during the second trimester of pregnancy, the mother's heart at rest is working 40% harder. But I have to say that even if I wasn't pregnant-this heat would be unbearable!! I feel so bad for John who has to work outside, lugging ladders, climbing telephone poles and wearing steel toe boots and dark work pants and work shirts all day. Dear - if you're reading this (as I know you often do from your work truck) please make sure you are drinking LOTS AND LOTS of water and taking plenty of air conditioning truck breaks!!
I have never been more excited for Fall in all my life. Fall is my favorite season and I could go on an on about why I love it so so much. Here are some of the top reasons though:
1. It's beautiful. The colors as the leaves change is absolutely breathtaking
2. It's cozy and crisp. I love the smells and sounds ans sights of the entire Fall season. It's cozy as you smell the first fire in the air coming from someone's chimney or the smell of Thanksgiving dinner cooking or the smell of fresh apples which is always around in the fall. The sound of the leaves crunching, the crisp coolness in the air. I love wearing a cozy Fall sweater.
3. It's the time of year I married the best man in the entire world! Perfect season to get married!!
4. Thanksgiving-need I say more?

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