Friday, September 3, 2010

24 Weeks (as of Yesterday)!!

Where is the time going? I'm sure you'll probably hear me say this a lot over the next few months and then probably even more so once the baby is born and he/she grows before our eyes but time is just whirling by us! I get more and more excited with each and everyday! I cannot believe in less than 4 months John and I will be parents and have a son or daughter! It is just incredible!
In the USA at 24 weeks they call this Viability Day. This means that if the baby were born prematurely, doctor's would take extraordinary measures to save the baby. Now all this said, I of course want this baby to stay put for at least another 14-16 weeks! It is still reassuring to know this.
As for how I am feeling I have to say still great!! This hot weather has taken all the good out of me but it has to everyone so I'm not alone in that. Our basement is VERY cool so we spend our evenings there. I miss going for an evening walk with hubby but its just too hot out there right now. We decided to sleep downstairs the past couple of nights. It was heavenly. I actually woke up a little chilly believe it or not!! As for cravings this week, I still crave sweets-which I am trying my best to curve this and have some will power. And I also want cereal all the time! I even had it for supper one night this week. I've actually been loving cereal since the very beginning of this pregnancy. I just never really thought anything of it but we seem to be going through an awful lot of multigrain cheerios these days. Before I was pregnant I never really cared for cereal. I'd buy a box with good intentions but rarely if ever eat it and usually John would finish it off. So as far as cravings go I'd say that it would be cereal and wagon wheels. I love any sweet stuff too but I am doing my best to fight those cravings with will power-some days I am not successful, haha! I hate meat! It's gross! lol I do eat it but only because I know this baby needs lots of nutrients and protein that comes from meat. I don't eat a lot of it though as I just cannot stomach it right now!
Wednesday night, this little one was kicking up a storm and moving. I told John and he put his hand on my belly. Sure enough Baby Walker gave a good kick or punch or something and John's eye lit up. He couldn't believe how strong it was and in his words "geez he really gave you a good boot there" lol! And it's only going to get stronger! It's all just so amazing!!
Last night we had our 24 week pre-natal appointment with Dr.H. This was our last pre-natal appointment with Dr. H and from now on we'll go to the pre-natal clinic at the hospital where the doctor's that work there actually deliver babies. Most family doctors in Saint John don't deliver babies and the ones that do have been around so long they are not taking on any new patients. But, I've heard from many many women that this clinic is great and have only heard them speak of really positive experiences. Our appointment with Dr.H went really well. We did the usual checks-weight (good), urine (good), blood pressure (good). He measured my belly which is right on where it should be for 24 weeks. Then came time for my favorite part- he takes out the doppler and we listen to baby's heartbeat! If anyone ever asked me what the best sound in the world is, it's definitely without a doubt that sound!!! The baby's heartbeat was 150 BPM -which was around the same as last time!! Good and strong!!
Next up on my list of things to do is go for the GD test which I have to do before 28 weeks.
John and I are going to the States with my mom and Donald this weekend for a shopping trip. We are hoping to get all our Christmas shopping done (or as much as possible) and also I am going to look for some new fall maternity clothes as well as a dress for Darcy & Sarah's wedding. I'm really looking forward to this shopping extravaganza weekend with my mom ~ however, I am pretty sure John is not as enthusiastic as I am!

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