Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day Weekend=Mother Daughter Shopping Extravaganza

Well, we literally shopped til we dropped this weekend. Mom and Donald arrived at our house Friday evening. We BBQ'ed supper and hit the sack early since we were planning on getting up and leaving at 6am Saturday morning. However, Hurricane Earl had other plans in mind for us. We had all of our outside belongings put away in the shed before Earl was expected to hit. We got up bright and early Saturday morning and it looked like the storm was yet to touch our area. We decided to wait a bit to see what would happen-didn't want to drive and get stuck in the middle of it. We waited until about 10:30am and then decided to head out on the road. It wasn't too bad as we really only hit some heavy rain and then it cleared up. We drove for what felt like forever because our GPS was not quite doing the trick-apparently it is not a wise idea to use GPS in that area as a lot of the maps are old (or too new or the address had changed) and aren't quite accurate. Well we found that out the hard way unfortunately. We made it to Settler's Green in North Conway at about 6pm and shopped for a couple hours there. Then we had supper at Friendly's - there was not a whole lot else in the area. We booked our first night hotel via Priceline and having never been to North Conway we just typed in North Conway and booked the first hotel that came up in the 'North Conway' search. Little did we know that the hotel which we thought would be just on the outskirts (we were thinking like Quispamsis is to Saint John, or how Dartmouth is to Halifax). Boy were we wrong. The hotel was supposed to be an hour to an hour and a half outside of North Conway. We were not impressed and the hotel would not let us cancel with such short notice on a long weekend. And this was also the point where the GPS mis-directed us. It took us to this insane dirt road on a  MOUNTAIN (no kidding-it was an actual mountain). We drove part way on this dirt road at around 10:30-11:00 pm and realized this was stupid since we were literally in the middle of no where and the dirt road conditions were awful. We turned around and went to call and ask for better directions-it was that phone call that the lady said "oh you're not using a GPS I hope". WTF??!!! Duh lady-thats how most people in the 20th century travel to parts unknown to them. We did finally get to the hotel by mid-night. I was an extremely tired pregnant lady who had been driving for WAY too long that day. The hotel was in a beautiful location though-it was a vacation area (in a National Park). We got up Sunday morning, had breakfast and then head out on the road for Kittery. We shopped along the way and ended up at the Outlet Stores in Kittery that afternoon and then decided to drive to Bangor for the night. We were lucky to get hotel rooms in Bangor without a reservation. That night we went to The Olive Garden for supper. None of us had ever been to an Olive Garden and we all thought it was pretty yummy!
Sunday we woke up and took our time getting ready. We had breakfast at the hotel and then headed out for the last day of shopping in Bangor. We drove back around supper time and got home around 8:30 ish!
It was a great weekend and very successful!! We got a tonne of Christmas shopping done, I got a dress for the wedding which I LOVE (and it was a smokin price which is even better). I also am a very happy girl because I splurged and got myself a nice Mommy treat to use when baby is here!! Wanna take a guess?

I got a Coach Diaper Bag at the Coach Outlet store in North Conway!! Its exactly like this one only instead of the brown, it's purple! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! I'm gonna be a stylin, diaper toting Mama! ;)

We had a great weekend away with Mom & Donald! I think it is pretty safe to say that John and Donald are 110% shopped out!! We got some great deals and had a lot of fun and it was nice to spend some time with my momma! We of course did a little baby shopping too ;) It is a bit difficult to shop for gender neutral items as there is not a lot out there. We got a few really cute things though!
I shopped around with John a bunch and then he and Donald would go off and Mom and I would power shop-haha! We had a lot of fun!! I wish my mom lived closer-like in Rothesay! haha! I wish all our family lived closer! Actually-I wish WE loved closer! Yeah, thats more like it!!!

In baby news, this baby is growing fast! He/she has had a few pretty serious kicking/moving episodes. Like Saturday at 3am when there was gymnastics practice going on in my uterus! I also booked my Glucose Challenge test today. It's this Friday. Let's hope it goes well!!


Sarah :) said...

OMG I am so jealous of your Coach diaper bag. I have a small purse in that exact pattern (and brown).

I'm glad you had fun shopping. :)

mchupie said...

I am also so jealous of your diaper bag. It's gorgeous!

Mrs. W said...

Thanks ladies! It took a mighty crafty sales pitch to hubby though ;) haha