Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nursery Furniture

This weekend we bought our nursery furniture! It was so exciting!! We had it picked out months ago but saw in the BRU flyer that it was on sale this weekend past so we decided to jump on the chance to get it then. John met me at BRU on Friday after work. he had to take his work truck since all the reviews I read online had said the boxes were huge and wouldn't even fit in the back of an SUV (and since BRU does not offer free delivery we took advantage of the work truck). We were both so excited to get it and take it home to start setting it up, unfortunately the boxes were in fact soooo big that only 1 would fit in the back of the truck with John's work gear and the space cap on. So we took home the dresser which came in the box already assembled (except for the hardware and legs which we had to put on). The box weighed 159 lbs if you can believe it so John asked his buddy Mark to drop by and help him get it out of the truck. Saturday John went back to BRU after work to pick up the crib. He got it home and we had decided to put it together Sunday but John just couldn't wait. He had it all together by Saturday night. It looks awesome and we love it!! Both pieces are convertible in the sense that the furniture will grow with the baby. The crib will change into a toddler bed, day bed and then a double bed. The dresser/change table will have the change pad on it but once baby is out of diapers then we can use it as the baby's dresser. It's pretty standard to have convertible furniture these days and it definitely makes more sense from a financial perspective.
I do have pictures of the proud Daddy putting it all together which I will post very soon! For now here are pictures that I took off the internet.

this is the crib we bought but not the baby bedding-we chose bedding that was far more gender neutral

this is the crib again without the bedding over it but in a different finish than the finish we chose

this is the convertible dresser/change table

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mchupie said...

Oh my goodness, I love the crib!! SO nice!