Sunday, September 12, 2010

Glucose Challenge

Friday was my glucose challenge screening. I  had heard quite a few stories from previously pregnant women abut 'how awful the orange drink is', 'it's the most disgusting thing ever' and how 'you couldn't pay me to do that again' and so on and so forth. I was braced for the worst (as I have been in the past with other pregnancy related horror stories women so kindly like to share) and yet again I was pleasantly surprised! I am starting to think these women who share these stories are either HUGE exaggerators or just like to over share and scare first time pregnant women. With this said I can see how some people may not find this drink the most pleasant and I KNOW there are plenty of women out there who have very rough bouts of morning sickness and I am one of the lucky ones, I also know there are women out there who have tougher pregnancies and even plenty that get put on bed rest and I am again not in this category and feel very fortunate. But I can't help but internally roll my eyes when I hear these random women (usually always women I barely know) feel the need to share their nothing but negative pregnancy stories-especially labour and delivery stories.
So far pregnancy has been extremely good to me and I can honestly say I love being pregnant-every single minute. I know I am slightly one of the weird ones in the sense that even while I was hurled over the toilet tossing my cookies I did so with a comforting smile knowing that our baby was growing and thriving and this was the reason for my 'not always in the morning but in the afternoon and at night as well' sickness! I also did not have this sickness too too bad at all so I feel lucky with that - my mom was sick morning, noon and night for 4 months when she was pregnant with me and actually lost a bit of weight in those first 4 months.My favorite part of pregnancy is feeling this little one move. Its such an amazing feeling that I really can't put into words! I really hope I am fortunate enough to continue having such a great pregnancy.
Okay - so back to the Glucose Challenge. I get to the hospital, wait, register, wait again. I get into the specimen collection room/lab place and the lady hands me a glass of the orange syrupy drink I've heard so much about. I take a little sip braced for this God awful drink to hit my lips. Nope, not bad at all. I take a bigger sip and low and behold it tastes familiar. Like flat orange pop or better yet, that orange drink I used to get at the many MacDonald's birthday parties I attended as a child. I drink it up and actually say out loud "hey, this is not bad at all. It may even be kinda good". Well, let me tell you-that comment got me some strange looks from the blood collection ladies. One even said "my dear, I've never heard anyone say that before". haha! Anyway, I drank it up and then the lady told me I had to wait for one hour before she could take my blood-that was the worst part of the whole test because I was sooo bored. I had told John not to bother coming because it was just some quick bloodwork and I'd be in and out so I just bought a magazine and hung out in the cafeteria. I couldn't even go have lunch while I waited because I was not allowed to eat or drink anything in that one hour and it would have been a waste of time to go back to work and then come back. I did manage to get caught up on all my hollywood gossip-something I have not done in forever! Did you know that Brad and Angelina are on the rocks? hahaha-just kidding!!!!
So after the one hour passed I went back to the collection lab and she drew several viles of blood and I was on my way. It was seriously not bad at all so for those out there that have not yet done this test and hear the stories from 'the women who share their bad stories' - don't believe them-haha! The only way this test will be bad is if the results come back that my levels are too high!!
I'll be posting later about some more very exciting baby stuff-stay tuned...


MamaBear said...

I hear you! I didn't mind the orange drink at all either!! Glad everything went well, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a great test result for you!!!

Jessi said...

I didn't mind it either and didn't have any reaction to it. I got to drink mine at home before my appointment, though, so that was good...hopefully results will be all good too!!