Thursday, October 7, 2010


WOW! Where do I even begin!! I think I'll start off with the quiz and end with all the exciting news I have to share since there are beautiful pictures included in this news!!

29 Weeks Today!!!

How far along? 29 Weeks (only 11 more to go- WOW)

How big is baby?: approx 15 inches long and just over 2.5 lbs! (about the size of a squash)

Maternity clothes?: Yes yes and yes! I am wearing a few shirts that are non maternity but all my pants are maternity

Stretch marks?: Still none ::knock on wood::

Sleep?: sleeping very good! I am back to getting up every night at least once to go to the bathroom and it is getting a bit more difficult to turn in bed comfortably (poor hubby is feeling a little cramped as well between me and my big belly and the snoogle)

Best moment this week?: there are lots this week: seeing my family I haven't seen in a while celebrating my step-brothers wedding, spending time with my Nannie, going to our first pre-natal class and definitely the best was my mom getting to feel her grandbaby kick!!

Food cravings: chocolate and cereal and orange juice

Gender: Team Green! (I'll do another post soon about what we 'think' we're having-for the record we each think the opposite)

Belly button in or out?: still very much in!

Movement?: Oh yes! Lots of movement!! Last night at pre-natal class baby was very excited and moved and grooved pretty much the entire 2 hours straight-it was great except for the jabs to my ribs!

What I miss?: nothing-if I absolutely had to say something it would be without a doubt sleeping on my back-haha! I miss this and the Daddy-2-Be will even wake me up in the middle of the night if he catches me or he'll ask 'are you sleeping on your back' to which I sleepily grumble 'no' then usually realize I am and move to my side again!

What I'm looking forward to: THANKSGIVING! I'm really excited to see more of our family this weekend and have our annual Thanksgiving celebrations!

Weekly wisdom: I could write a short book on all the great info I learned at my first pre-natal class last night! Last night's class was all on breastfeeding and I really learned a lot and feel a lot more relaxed about it now!

Milestones: Nannie Shaw (my mom) feeling the baby kick & going to our first pre-natal class!!! =)
* Pre-natal class was great! I even have a friend in the same class so thats cool-I don't have a lot of friends in Saint John so it's really cool to have one in our pre-natal class! Tawnya is due the end of this month on the 27th and she is having a baby girl which they decided to name Ava. She is in the first 3 of our pre-natal classes but not the last 3! Last night's class was all about Breastfeeding. There was a lactation consultant there and she was very informative. She gave us a lot of information and a big book which we will use for the duration of the class! We watched videos and demonstrations and I will admit I feel much better now that I am fully informed and I am more relaxed about it! At first I was worried about the usual breastfeeding concerns of a first time mommy (the biggest concern of mine was one I hear so often from other mother's-problems latching) and now I feel much better! I am going to stay positive and give it my all!
Now onto 2 pieces of VERY exciting news!!!
Last night while our first pre-natal class started at 6:30pm, my good friend Erin also had an appointment at 6:30pm! She and Davey had their appointment at 3D MIracles to find out the sex of their baby!! As you can imagine she was pretty excited all day-as was I!! I guessed she was having a girl and John guessed they were having a boy! In the first half of our pre-natal I excitedly asked John to check his phone since she was going to call right after their appointment. No missed call. Then at 7:20 ish the pre-natal class coordinator let us go for a short break and without me even having to ask John whips out his phone and sure enough there was a missed call and voicemail. Without even checking the voicemail I rush out of the room while pressing the call button on the phone. An excited Erin quickly picked up. She made me guess what it was and since I had guessed "Girl" I spat out 'Girl'. I was so excited I could barely catch my breath-haha! Can you guess what Erin is having?????
She's having a.......BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm sooooo excited for her and Davey!!! On approximately February 19th, Erin and Davey will have a son! WOW! That's crazy! Look out Dad's-lock your daughters up now because baby boy 'S' is on the way! I couldn't be happier for the both three of them!! Such wonderful news! Now baby Boy 'S' will either have a best buddy or a little girlfriend when our baby arrives ;)
Also, some more very exciting news...Nancy had her baby! Nancy and Chris 'B' welcomed their beautiful son, Benjamin Keith 'B' into the world last night at 11:32pm!! He weighed 8lbs and 14oz and he is absolutely perfect! Mommy and Baby are doing great and I of course have some pictures of this new little handsome 'B' man!! Congrats guys! John and I are so very happy for you and cannot wait to meet your new family addition very soon!! Nancy looks great (as you will see) and I know she is just ecstatic to have her little man finally here!! I hope I get to meet him VERY soon!!! I haven't yet been able to speak to Nancy directly and just got these updates from her mom but as soon as she settles into her new life as a mommy I will be sure to get the scoop directly from the source!
Introducing....Benjamin Keith "B"! 8lbs and 14oz of total cuteness!!

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