Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend in Good Ol' Nova Scotia

This past weekend was THANKSGIVING! One of my favorite holidays! Time to spend with Family, enjoy the Fall weather and colorful leaves and eat lots of yummy food! As I mentioned in a previous post we have our annual Thanksgiving celebrations with John's family at their family's camp. We had a fantastic time and everyone decided this year to spend the night there. The weather was fantastic, there was enough food to feed a village and the crib and washer toss games were a lot of fun and as always-pretty competitive!! My partner this year was John's cousin Ryan! I hate to say this but we lost-BADLY! It was fun though!!! This years crib AND washer toss winners were Janet (my mother in law) and Kyle (my brother in law). They won both trophies which doesn't happen often-usually there are 2 teams that each get a trophy!! It was fun and they were pretty proud of their winnings (maybe Janet more so than Kyle as she mentioned winning both trophies-oh say about 100 times-LOL, Now I know where John gets his fierce competitive side from ;)
We spent Sunday with my Dad's family. We had a great Thanksgiving dinner #2 there and enjoyed the company and laughs and of course the yummy Turkey dinner. We stayed the night and then got up early Monday morning to get some more visiting in. We went to see my Mom, Donald and Aunt Nancy and had originally planned on dropping into Nancy's but things were a bit crazy for her that morning and our visit didn't get to happen! I'll see her and Baby Ben in a couple of weeks though =)
I took Tuesday off to rest and relax before going back to work. I didn't do much at all but I did enjoy the relaxation.


Me @ 29 weeks & 2 days

John & Andrew (BIL)

Nice hat cutie

Jaime (SIL), Ryan (my partner for the tournament) and Rachel

The Walker Women- Jaime, Stephanie, Me and Janet

Bampy & Ryan - CHEERS

Rick & Allen playing washer toss

Jaime, me, Rachel & Oakley! haha-this picture cracks me up

John & Jaime (last years washer toss winners) handing over the trophy to this years winners Janet & Kyle

Me & my beautiful mother in law

Championship Crib game-do or die

Janet & Bampy

Allen (He and Nanny Elaine were last years winners) handing over the crib trophy to this years winners, Kyle & Janet

Ivy and her sister Eva

Dan & MEl (my step-sister)

Emma & Jack coloring

Jack was being taught some math lessons from his 93 year old Great-Grandmother

Emma, Mel & Chloe - Momma and her girls

Family photo op-nice facial expression Dan, haha

Sitting down to dinner (minus Mel who was taking the picture)


Sarah :) said...

I love your Thanksgiving traditions! It looks like you had a wonderful time.

As always, you look lovely. :)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! You look so beautiful! and I especially like the dog picture...too funny :)

Mrs. W said...

Thanks Ladies!! It was a super fun weekend!!!

Mrs. W said...

Thanks Ladies!! It was a super fun weekend!!!