Thursday, October 14, 2010

30 Weeks!!! =)

30 weeks down and only 10 more to go - 75% of the way through this pregnancy! Next week we'll be in the single digit weekly count down! WHOA! This is crazy!! With each passing day the excitement sets in more and more!! We are soon going to be parents - Mommy & Daddy! We'll grow from a couple to a family! It's all so surreal! I've dreamed about being a mother and now my dreams are about to come true! I feel so blessed!!
I am still feeling great! This past busy weekend completely wore me out but I was happy to have Tuesday off to kick back and relax. It was definitely needed! Baby was a little shy on the weekend and I'll admit, I was a little worried I didn't feel the usual movement I'm used to. Perhaps our little one was a little shy or overhwelmed?! Nanny Walker did get to feel a little flutter and Papa said he may have felt something but it was definitely not the typical kicks and jabs I was used to. I admit-I was a bit of a worry wart about it-I think John was a little worried too since he asked me every hour if I felt baby yet! BUT....since Wednesday this baby has been moving sooo much! The movement is getting different-I can now see when s/he is pushing/stretching out! No definite parts like feet stick out but you can see and feel a bulge in certain areas and the movement feels more like stretching! Even today at work a woman I sit next to saw my stomach moving all about-it kind of cracked me up-her too! Baby is active ALL day and into the evening and then when its time for bed baby sleeps too! I REALLY hope we keep this pattern after the birth but something tells me that would be too lucky and I shouldn't get my hopes up! Time will tell!
We did the ring test again this weekend of course-it went both ways! HAHA! We did it at Camp on Saturday and at my Dad's on Sunday. One day it went back and forth and another day it went in circles-these old wives tales are really silly but fun!
Well I'm off to bed! It's been a long day and I'm sleepy! Night all!


Lindsey said...

Hey there! I'm following your blog!
Can you do the same for me?
Thanks so much! :)

You're getting close! Hope you're feeling well. :D

Mrs. W said...

Hi!!! Sure I'd love to follow your blog! Thanks for the comments =)