Tuesday, October 19, 2010


A week or two ago Erin and I were chatting about pregnancy and the topic of hiccups in utero came up! We both wondered at what point, if ever, we'd experience that! A lot of women never feel their baby hiccup, some babies don't get the hiccups in utero, some do occasionally and others do frequently. I had heard that in the beginning of the third tri-mester women are at the point of being able to feel this. I never thought much of it! Today I am 99% sure our baby had the hiccups. It was very cool! I can't really explain what it felt like. It was definitely not like most of our baby's movement! It wasn't nearly as strong! But it was like a little jump or nudge every 2 seconds - like you would think a hiccup would be. It was pretty cool! I put my hand on my belly and watched for a few moments as well! Like I said, it was very light and not super strong but I could tell what it was and noticed my belly move! awwww...our poor baby has the hiccups!! (well they have passed now-that was about 1/2 hour ago)

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