Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tour of the Maternity Ward

We had our pre-natal class this week a day early (last night instead of tonight). Last night's class was on car seat safety (and boy is there a lot to know) and also a tour of the maternity/labour and delivery ward!! I'm not going to lie here - it scared the crap out of me! haha! I don't know why it did! Maybe because the tour made things all the more real, maybe because it's getting so close to our labour and delivery, maybe because there was a new dad who was coming out of his wife's room to get the family to meet their new grandchild & nephew (he stopped to talk to our group and the class instructor and tell us their great news) and seeing his excitement made me feel a little emotional and excited and nervous all at the same time, maybe because there is a lot to know and make sure on when installing and using a car seat, maybe because we are only about 9 weeks from being responsible for a human life?! I don't know-maybe all of the above!
It was a great tour though and very informative! I'm so glad we did it!
The next time we visit that ward so up close and personal we'll be in a slightly different frame of mind! =)

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Sarah :) said...

Yay! It's almost time. I'm sure as it gets closer it does get scarier, but have no fear! You and John will be fantastic parents. :)