Thursday, October 21, 2010

31 Weeks (We're in the single digit weekly countdown now people-OMG)

9 weeks left until our due date! Seriously-I have to ask this question AGAIN - where did the time go? It is just flying by and now we are in the single digit weekly countdown and I am starting to worry that we are not going to be ready in time! There is still so much we need to get, do and prepare for our little one's arrival!!! I only have about 7 or at the most 8 Monday's left at work (this is how I do my work countdown-in Mondays) and thats not really that long!!
I know this time is going to fly by even faster since we have so much planned pretty much right up until the birth!
This weekend: Headed home to Halifax this weekend and will be staying the night at Erin & Davey's Saturday! Erin and I are going to go out Saturday and do baby and wedding shopping and planning so it will be fun! Sunday is Amanda's bridal shower-WHOOT WHOOT!
Halloween weekend: Well it's Haloween! We don't really have any plans but I think Kimberley is going to come over on Halloween night and we'll pass out treats and amke home made pizza and maybe watch a scary movie or two!
November 6th weekend: Going home to Halifax again for....MY BABY SHOWER! WHOOT WHOOT!
November 10th: My Dad & Ivy are coming up to stay on their way through to the USA
November 12th weekend: nothing really planned right now but Kimberley and I plan to have a Christmas chocolate making sleepover so this might happen on this weekend (not sure yet)
November 20th weekend: Kyle and Jaime are coming up for the weekend (I think anyway-I say I think because this is what happens when you let 2 men plan things-lol, perhaps I should check with Jaime on these dates)
November 28th weekend: Not sure if there are plans for this weekend or not yet...
December 6th weekend: My SJ friends are throwing me a baby shower - how super sweet and thoughtful of them!!!
December 11th weekend: My work Christmas party
December 16th: My sister (Auntie L) is coming home for the holidays and the birth of her new niece/nephew! She flies in SJ so we'll get to spend some time together just her and I before baby is here!!
December 20th weekend: ummmmm NOTHING planned for obvious reasons!!! Just resting and nesting at home with my hubby - Unless of course Baby wants to make an early appearence!!!
December 23rd: BABY WALKER IS DUE!!!!

So you can see what I mean by so much planned and how fast the time is going to fly because of this!!
At 31 weeks I am still feeling GREAT! I am still sleeping well and although I thought I was starting to get the beginnings of a cold I am pretty confident I have fought it off! I crave orange juice a lot and still love me a bowl of multi-grain cheerios! My biggest craving is chocolate though! It's a dangerous craving and I may need to seek some professional help-lol! The baby is growing and is now about 3.5 lbs and about 18 inches long! Baby is still moving and stretching a lot!!! Still no stretch marks ::knock on wood:: and my belly button is still very much in and kinda looks like it may stay that way! The heartburn seems to be getting a bit worse!! I just keep on poping my tums! I know pregnant women are safe to take Zantack but I really really don't want to so I will grin and bear it and continue taking my 3-4 tums a day to help things! It's honestly not that bad anyway-nothing I can't handle!

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