Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pre-Natal Appointment Update

We had our pre-natal appointment this morning and it went very well!! And this was our last 'every 4 weeks' appointment nad from now until 36 weeks we'll be going every 2 weeks and then after 36 weeks it will be every week! This is a sure sign that our time is getting close!!!
Today's appointment went very well. Urine was good, weight was good, my blood pressure was good! My belly is measuring at 32 weeks which is right around where it should be! The baby's heart beat was 152 and while the nurse was listening to the heartbeat the baby gave a big ol kick that made her giggle!
I am happy to report that the baby is....HEAD DOWN! WOW! This was the first appt they checked that. She pointed out where the bum was and said that the feet were probably over to the right which is why I get a lot of jabs to my ribs on the right side. They'll check every appointment to make sure baby is still head down and not breach but the doctor said she's 90% sure baby will stay head down-they usually do I guess so YAY!
The doctor also came in prepared to give me a flu shot but I politely turned it down! She went over the information with me and I still told her I would not be getting it. I have never had a flu shot before and don't intend to start now. I usually ::knock on wood:: don't get very sick so I feel that it is unneccessary. I am aware that my immune system is decreased while pregnant, that baby will have to build up an immune system on his/her own and will not have a strong system when he/she is first born, I am also aware that my husband's job has him in people's homes all day long but we are both very healthy, will eat well, stay smart and avoid germy situations as best as possible. I also know that we won't be taking Baby out in large crowds for the first little while, or even out in public for that matter. If any of our family members are sick they will surely have enough smarts about them to stay away from a new born so I am confidant in our decision. Besides, so many of the people I know that do get flu shots are the very sickly ones! What does that say? I have friends and co-workers that get one every year and every time I turn around they are sick with the flu again!!
John wanted to ask about cord blood banking/donation as this is something he's been reading about and is interested in doing - the donation not the banking! We figured that we'd donate it and someone may be in need and it could save a life. Hopefully we'd never need it but if we did we'd hope that someone else would pay it forward with donated cord blood and we'd rely on that. He collected a couple brochures about it and wanted to ask the doctor so he was a little surprised when he found out that around here it cannot be donated only banked. It's still a fairly new concept so I guess this might be why?! According to our doctor the USA is accepting donations but we're not yet ready for that! The doctor said that maybe in major cities like Toronto, Vancouver, etc it is something they do but not around here. If we are interested in banking it we could do that but not donating it! We won't be banking it though-just thought it would be good to donate to a family in need!! Click here for more info on Cord Blood Banking.
We discussed a few other things and I'll go back on November 9th for my next appointment!
I have a post started about our weekend at home in Halifax but I will wait until tonight to post it because there just may be a picture included =)

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