Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone had a fun (but safe) weekend!! We had a great weekend! John did work all weekend but it was still a nice weekend. Saturday while John worked I went out and did a little shopping. I picked up our Halloween treats (since there was no way I was going to buy it early and have a house full of chocolate asking for me to eat it all). I got home just as John was getting home from work. We decided to go out for supper so we used a Boston Pizza gift certificate we were given as a gift. Later that evening we came home and carved our 3 pumpkins. I give credit to those people that do really cool designs because we just did some boring old triangle eyes and stuff like that. It was fun though. John carved most of them while I scooped the insides out and picked out the seeds to roast. We watched a scary movie on TV and then went to bed. Sunday night (Halloween) Kimberly came over and we made some pizza and handed out treats to the kiddies. We had 21 trick-or-treaters. I was disappointed there weren't more but it was more than we had at our last house (we only had 2 in our old house and they were sisters who came together). So needless to say we had a lot of left over treats! Kimberly bought this really cool pumpkin at CostCo and brought it over to give to us which was really nice of her. It's a plastic pumpkin and it lights up different colors and fog comes out of it. We set it up on a table in our entry way and it was a huge success with the kiddies. They loved it!!
I love Halloween but I am even more excited that next year we'll have our own little pumpkin to dress up!!!
Here are some pictures...

Hubbs carvin the pumpkins

Scoopin out the gook

the super cool light up pumpkin that fogs (you can't see the fog in any of the pictures I took & it lights up a bunch of different colors)

Our side door all ready for the trick-or-treaters

woke up on Sunday morning to snow on the ground-YUCK!!

yes that is the white stuff on our car-uuugghhhh it's winter already?!

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