Thursday, October 28, 2010

32 Weeks

32 weeks down with only 8 to go!
Let's do I feel!? Well this week is not as puppies and rainbows as my previous 31 weeks were! haha! I am definitely getting bigger and feeling it. I still sleep well for the most part but I do wake several times through the night both to go to the bathroom and because I can't breath-haha! Let me explain a little about that last statement. The breathing: well I am definitely getting more short of breath. Every night I am congested and so I have to breath through my mouth which according to my hubby causes me to snore sometimes ::insert embarassed face here:: My amazing hubby never complains though and in fact he said this morning he was 'worried' about me and my uncomfortable sleeping/breathing! Turning in bed proves to be slightly more difficult too since I have this big belly (which is only going to get bigger in the next 8 weeks) and my snoogle gets in my way sometimes. I LOVE my snoogle though and cannot understand how pregnant women could sleep comfortably without a pregnancy pillow! I go without my snoogle when I travel and my sleep is always affected! Anyway, I am not complaining! I know that the final 8 weeks are not as easy as the last 31 have been and I'm cool with that! It's not awful or anything, just a little uncomfortable at times. My energy is also not as high as it was. This could be because I've had a very busy weekend/week. Travelling this weekend, then I went to the movies with Crystal and her friend Jill on Monday night and then Tuesday night we had to run some errands and then last night I volunteered to pick John and his friend up at a pub where he and his work friends were all out for Jimmy's good bye night! I've been taking little naps at night which are great!! I plan to get all caught up on my rest this weekend and I am really looking forward to it. I also need to buy a new pair of shoes for work. All I have are heels and they are KILLING my feet. Poor Erin almost had to carry me down Spring Garden Road this weekend (haha, JK). I have no shoes other than sneakers that don't have a heel and this is not something I can keep wearing in the coming weeks. I need a shoe I can wear to work as well as with jeans!
I still crave orange juice (which is great for cold and flu season anyway and we buy the calcium enriched OJ) and chocolate!!  I love apples too! Yum yum yum! I still do not like meat! In fact, I'd go so far as to say it can gross me out at times!
Something that makes my heart melt now: when we go to bed at night, John will rub cream on my belly! The baby used to move all around every single time he did but then in the past few weeks s/he has not been as active at bedtime-I think s/he is sleeping at this time! Anyway, the past couple of nights, John has talked right to my belly and you should see baby move then! It's soooo cute!! Last night it was going crazy with excitement! the night before it just moved all around but not nearly like last night! It's sooo cute! They are bonding already! ::swoon::
The baby is about 16-18 inches long and abut 4 lbs now! I still have not got a stretch mark ::double knock on wood::
This weekend is Halloween. I am excited to see the kiddies dressed up! I hope we get lots of trick or treaters! We live in a pretty well populated subdivision so I would think we will but who knows!? Our neighbour told us to expect 20 but I feel this cannot be right! There is a school bus stop right across the street from our house and there are tonnes of kids around! this neighbour was a man so...I'm not trying to play the gender blame game but sometimes they are an unreliable source for these type of things ;) hehe

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