Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Packing the Hospital Bag

Last night we decided to get a move on it and pack our hospital bags. We were told by the doctors to pack a bag for mommy, a bag for daddy and a bag for baby!! All we ended up doing was packing a bag for baby and threw a few things in my bag and that was about it. I had a list which I composed from what other new mommy's had told me and also what it says in my pregnancy books and pre-natal classes. Baby's bag was easy. The only thing I don't have yet is a 'going home outfit'. I am on the fence on this one. I want to get a super cute outfit to bring baby home in but where we don't know the sex I will either have to get gender neutral or buy one boy outfit and one girl outfit and then just take the not-needed outfit back - this is what my mom suggested and I think this is what I'll likely do.
As for my bag, I looked on my list and the first thing I saw was 'nursing gown'-nope, didn't get one yet (although in all likelihood I'll probably just get a simple nightgown with buttons down the front). Then I saw the next item on the list: 'nursing bra' - nope don't have that yet either! And then I started to panic. The first 2 items on the list I don't even have yet! We need to get our butt in gear! So as of now the baby's bag is packed, my bag has some socks in it and John's bag isn't even started! great-already I feel like I'm unprepared! John keeps reminding me too that we are on a time crunch and baby could come any time. He keeps saying "So if you went into labour we'd be okay to go to the hospital now with that bag?" This is where my irritability sets in and I snap back with a 'ummm no dear, socks are not all we're going to need but if that happens we'll have to make do". John's bag will be totally simple to pack - swim trunks (Yes this was stressed upon in our pre-natal class and hospital tour), toiletries like contact solution, toothbrush, etc) and a change of clothes. But it was such an ordeal trying to pack the other bags that I lost momentum and patience and decided to wait until tonight or tomorrow despite my husband's pleas. lol
One thing we did get done last night was a good start to our Christmas wrapping. We sat on the floor in the living room by our new fireplace and wrapped our Christmas presents. We were wishing we had some Christmas music to go along with our evening but unfortunately we didn't!!
As for the new fireplace-well it's an electric one but we love it. We decided this year for Christmas we would buy an electric fireplace for our living room as our gift to each other. We are going to have such a busy holiday and presents will be the last thing on our minds that we thought this would be the perfect idea and get to enjoy it over the holidays as well by getting it early. I can't wait for those cold winter mornings when our little family of three are curled up by the fireplace in the mornings-so cozy!!!


mchupie said...

So exciting! I don't have a lot of the things we need either...I am so scared of picking out a nursing bra. How on earth do I know what size I'll need?? :)

Mrs. W said...

haha-yeah trying to guess on sizes was not that fun! I got the size I wear now and I will hope for the best! It took me a while to pick out 2 though!! I am going to finish packing it this weekend! John is practically forcing me to! lol