Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Big Pre-Natal Appointment

So, the subject line of this post says it all! This was the pre-natal appointment I was dreading the most. Again, I let those fear mongers previously pregnant women get the better of me. I was nervous all morning leading up to this appointment. Why oh why do I listen to others?! You would think I would have learned by now!!!
So the beginning of the appointment was pretty routine! Urine was fine, weight was fine, blood pressure was fine! Baby's heartbeat was only 138 today which is lower than it has been every other time but still perfect, healthy and strong!
We chatted with the nurse for a while and she was the most friendly nurse yet. She asked if we had our bags packed for the hospital yet and was shocked to hear we hadn't (guess we should get on that eh?!). She told us that when she asks us next week she expects us to say "yes they are packed" haha! She asked if I was still working and was quite surprised to hear I was - 'That's great! Good for you girl' were her exact words!
 *I have to say though that I don't understand why I would go out early?! I am having a fantastic pregnancy. My work is not physical labour. I still feel great. What am I going to do at home all day, everyday, by myself?! Wait for this baby to come?! At least by working until I feel I can't anymore I am distracting myself and time is certainly flying by.
The nurse also answered our questions on pain meds and our options during labour which I am still thinking about and trying to research and understand as much as possible!
The doctor did the group B strep test (nothing to it) and then I had my first internal exam/check! I braced myself for the worst and was definitely surrpised when I didn't mind it at all! The doctor even told me it would be uncomfortable but it was seriously not bad at all! Anyway-nothing going on there yet! So looks like Baby Walker won't be coming anytime soon which is no surprise to me and I am not complaining! In fact I made a comment to the doctor about how I'll miss being pregnant and she said "wow, that's great to hear. All we usually hear are complaints".
I'm not saying all this to go on about how great I am or how tough I am because I'm not! I feel truly lucky to have had such a great pregnancy and I look to this blog as a way to journal all my thoughts and experiences on pregnancy. I could write out a list of my complaints (and yes there are a couple) but for the most part I have had a wonderful experience and I feel lucky and blessed to be pregnant and about to become a mother! I would never complain because I know there are too many women out there who would love to be getting extreme heartburn only if it meant they were pregnant or women who really do have difficult pregnancies and a complaint of an occasional uncomfortable sleepless night would be insensitive to what they go through on a regular basis!
I started drinking rasberry leaf tea which my step-sister Melanie suggested to me and I had read about through the various blogs and websites I follow. I looked it up and read that it does have a lot of great properties for labour and thought "why not give it a try". I bought some on the weekend and have been drinking it daily since. After I am full term I'll up my tea intake to 4 cups a day! BTW-Full term is just NEXT WEEK! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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