Monday, November 22, 2010

Cold November Weekend

This weekend was a good one!! I went to a Christmas Craft Fair with Kimberly and then we went out and had some lunch at the Urban Deli. I had heard really great things about this little deli but silly me didn't even stop to think that a deli would have mostly lunch meats and since pregnant women cannot eat processed meats and/or soft cheeses, my menu choice was fairly limitied and so I didn't enjoy it as much as I know I would have had I been able to go 'wild' lol! I just has a spinach salad!
Saturday night we had some visitors from home. Kyle and Jaime (BIL & his girlfriend) came for the night. It was really nice of them to come visit and we had a great evening. It was great getting to show them the nursery too!! Next time we see them they will be Uncle Kyle and Aunt Jaime!!! We had some supper and played cards and chatted the whole night. Jaime and I sipped on gourmet hot chocolate while the boys had a few 'other' beverages. They left Sunday afternoon (but not before John and Kyle went to an indoor golf simulator for a round of 18). John and I spent the rest of the afternoon putting up Christmas decorations.
It also snowed this weekend!! It snowed a little but it mostly just made a mess of the roads. We're getting new winter tires this year especially with me being pregnant and the baby coming but when John went to make an appointment for them, they told him 7-10 business days so we're hoping the snow holds off for at least another week or 2. Yesterday was enough-and we didn't have to go anywhere, thank goodness!! This is the part of Winter I hate-that said, once I am staying at home with our beautiful baby, curled up with hot coffee and snuggling all day I won't mind the snow. I won't have to go anywhere and hibernating at home will be nice on those snowy days while everyone else is at work! I wish John could stay home all year with us too =(
I think I overdid it this weekend because to say I was tired would be the understatement of the week. I was so tired that every muscle and bone in my body ached. I didn't feel like eating and I wanted to crawl up and sleep for 100 years. I was lying in bed by 7pm and I plan on another night like that tonight. I am now in the utter exhaustion phase of this pregnancy-especially if I do too much!


Jessi said...

Oh I totally get the extreme exhaustion. Wish I did not feel like so much needed to be done!

Sarah :) said...

I can't believe how early the winter weather has arrived up there this year. UGH!

I'm a bad girl. I still eat deli meat. Not every day or even every week, but my doctor said it was fine. ::Shrugs::

Mrs. W said...

Jessi-yes I too feel like there is so much to be done-it's all a little overwhelming at times!
Sarah- the weather SUCKS! lol