Thursday, November 18, 2010

Our Final Pre-Natal Class

well well well...look at that, 2 blog posts in one day!
Last night was our 6th and final 2 hour pre-natal class! This class was all about delivery and interventions. I learned a lot and while some part of me is still quite nervous about delivery, another part of me has a new sense of calm. The video on labour and delivery was pretty detailed but the part I remember most is when baby arrived, how exciting that must have been for that new mother and father! That gave me so much excitement that I can almost forget the painful part of the delivery video! I often think about the moment our baby enters the world, what kind of feelings will wash over us?! How much joy, love, pride and happiness can one couple handle ;) I think know we're ready for our new little family of three!
We really learned a lot in 6 weeks!!! Now that classes are over, it's plain to see that we are thisclose to having our baby! WOW!

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