Thursday, November 18, 2010


35 weeks down with only 35 days to go!!!

How far along? 35 Weeks

How big is baby?: approx 20 inches long and approx 5.5lbs! (about the size of a honeydew)

Maternity clothes?: of course and even some of my maternity shirts are getting too short on me now and I am having a hard time with comfy jammies now too (I hate hate hate the feeling of my belly sticking out of my shirt-so uncomfortable)

Stretch marks?: Still none ::knocks bangs on wood real hard::

Sleep?: believe it or not I still sleep pretty darn good most nights. I am definitely back to getting up through the night once or twice to go to the bathroom but have not had any issues falling back to sleep. I do find moving around in bed more difficult and getting in and out of bed is not very graceful but I really can't complain too much since when my head hits the pillow I am still sleeping well!

Best moment this week?: Attending our last pre-natal class which was also the labour & delivery video. I thought I would be really scared after seeing it and while I am still nervous, I have to admit that the video was not as bad as I had expected. Finishing up the 6 week pre-natal course really tells me that this baby's arrival is just around the corner

Food cravings: well I still love juice but thank goodness its clementine season again! We just cannot keep them in the house! I could eat them all day long for every single meal! And lately at night I want a big glass of ice cold milk - which is very odd for me who never drank a lot of milk!

Gender: Team Green! and getting more excited with each passing day to find out what this little one will be
Belly button in or out?: still in!

Movement?: yes, in fact this week baby has been very, very active!! I think s/he is running out of room now!

What I miss?: nothing!!

What I'm looking forward to: finishing the baby's room! Just waiting on a couple last decor touches which we ordered online and then all will be done!

Weekly wisdom: Pregnancy brain really does exsist ;) hehe

Milestones: Hitting the 35/35 mark!


Jessi said...

Crazy isn't it!! Baby has been VERY active lately. I think he/she is trying to stretch out my belly for more room!

Mrs. W said...

It IS crazy!!! It is like the baby is trying to stretch out the belly for more room isn't it?!