Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another Baby Prepping Weekend

What a weekend! It was so much fun!! We spent pretty much the whole weekend preparing for our little one's arrival!!! Friday night we didn't do too much (I'm usually pretty zonked when I get home at night so we lay low in the evenings after work). Saturday we were up early and my hubby made a delicious (yet unhealthy) breakfast of maple bacon, eggs, home fries and toast!! We got ready and headed out for the day.Our first stop was at purolator where a baby gift was waiting to be picked up! Then we headed out to BRU and Wal-Mart for some baby purchases and to use a few gift cards we had recieved as gifts. After these errands we went to...Stylin Baby Mama & Tot to pick up our stroller! YAY for it being in-FINALLY! We had ordered back in July and originally we were told it would be in the first of October. Well, that was not quite the case and it just finally came in on Friday. So we were anxious to pick it up!! We headed for home after our errands and the proud Daddy to be put lots of things together and then of course we both had to test out the stroller! Saturday evening, we were invited to our friend Kimberly's house for supper. She was making Korean food and it was soooo delicious.She went all out and everything she made was super yummy and very Korean! It was awesome!! We had a great time!!
Unfortunately, John had to work Sunday so I stayed home and washed baby clothes and washed baby clothes and...yep you guessed it, I washed more baby clothes!! I enjoyed it though - and the smell of Ivory Snow was sooo good and I just wanted to snuggle right up in the baby blankets!! I put away all the baby clothes, blankets and such and started to organize the nursery a little better than it originally was. We had hung the valance that came with the bedding set a while ago so that was already done! I still have to wash a few more things but for the most part it's all done!
I will sign off for now but I do have some pictures from the weekend so I'll be sure to edit this post later tonight and add the pictures!!

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Bonding with our babies certainly relieves stress from work.. Weekend bonding is the best!