Friday, November 12, 2010

34 Weeks!!

34 Weeks + 1 day today (for the record I did originally start writing this post yesterday but got pretty busy and didn't get to finish it until now)!
Baby Walker is about 5 lbs now! Growing like a weed! =) S/He is still moving a lot! We had an excellent pre-natal appointment and Wednesday night's pre-natal class was...well interesting! Wednesday night's class was on labour! It was a good class and we certainly learned a lot! Usually we are out of class a few minutes early but this class actually ran late! We concentrated the entire class on labour. This included pain relief options, breathing exercises and other measures of comfort. It was a good class but I have 2 small conffessions:
1) I felt super silly practicing my breathing techniques both on and off the mats. I know once the time comes that I need to use these breathing techniques I'll be thankful and in no way find it funny to be focusing and staring into John's eyes while trying to breath through the contractions but last night I couldn't resist the occasional funny face and I felt a little silly. The massage techniques they showed the 'Dads' also made me feel a bit silly and when the lady told us all to practice our kegels right then and there in class I just about died!
2) The labour video and pain relief options scared the crap out of me. I always thought about pain meds in the sense that if I needed them, I would use them! But now I realize that I am going to think a lot more about this and make the decision based on what I want and feel comfortable with. I totally understand there are those times when certain things are out of your control but I want to have somewhat of a plan before hand and if that plan works out then great and if not, well then thats fine and it was worth a shot - as long as baby is healthy then Mommy will be happy!!! What this plan is-well I'm just not sure yet!!! I'll be giving all of my options some good, long thought though!

I am still feeling really good!!! I am still sleeping very well at night (although moving/turning in bed is a bit more challenging-but my sleep is not affected too badly). Nothing else new except that as the days until our EDD dwindle, we are trying our best to get things ready. We are very busy so we have to squeeze as much in as possible. This weekend we plan to get a few more baby things ready and also I am going to wash all the baby clothes and bedding! I want to get the nursery finished soon! We have had pretty much everything for quite some time now, it's just a matter of putting it all together! There are a few decor touches I am waiting on but have exactly what I want in mind and just have to go get it! The baby will be sleeping in our room for the first few months anyway but I still want to have everything in the baby's room done well ahead of time so that it's all done when it's time to move baby from our room to his/her own!
I said a while ago that I would be posting about what gender both John and I think we'll have and well the poll (which is completely just for fun so please feel free click the link to the right and enter in a guess), this poll kind of gives it away as to what we each think-haha!
John thinks Baby W is a girl and I think boy so it look slike one of us will be right! haha! I don't know why I think boy-I just do! But if you ask John why he thinks girl he'd say the same thing "just does, it's a feeling". No matter what this baby is: boy or girl we are going to love love love love love it! I think both would be a lot of fun!!
Since we're on the topic of baby gender, I have to tell a quick story before I sign off that REALLY bugged me!!! We were at our pre-natal class on Wednesday night and there were 2 couples sitting in front of us who obviously knew each other outside of class. they were chatting and both couples had decided to find out the sex. One couple found out they were having a girl while the other couple (and younger of the 2 couples) found out they were having a boy. I couldn't help but overhear their conversation as they were in no way trying to keep it hush hush and were speaking loud enough for anyone to hear them-even John caught all of the conversation and was also quite disgusted with them. The couple that was having the boy went on to say how upset she was that she was not having a girl and how she had a 'breakdown' and couldn't stop crying the night she found out. I knwo I could not in any way shape or form hide the utter look of disgust on my jaw was literally on the ground! How can she actually be saying this?! At first I thought I had heard wrong but she went on and on about how she is fine now but she hopes she is not that girl that goes on to have all boys and never has a girl! Seriously-it took everything in me from saying something to this chick! Does she know how many women would love to be pregnant and can't?! Does she know how lucky she is that so far she is having a seemingly healthy pregnancy?! Does she know that every child is a blessing and boy or girl they will be her child?! I just couldn't believe what I was hearing! I'm sure steam was coming from my ears!! And it wasn't just the girl that was going on like this, the father of the baby was agreeing with her and they were talking about how hard it was to tell their families that it was a boy since their families were both hoping for a girl!! OH.EM.GEE! No wonder these 2 nut jobs are like that if this is what kind of family they come from! I almost feel sorry for this poor little unborn baby boy of theirs!!
I have heard of expecting couples hoping for one gender or the other in some ways but have never heard ANYONE speak like this couple was speaking! This was not healthy! lol
Coming from a family of all girls and no boys, no one ever made me feel like they were disappointed there was no boys in our family and only girls!! John came from a house of 3 boys and never once did he feel his parents were disappointed! I mean-that's ridiculous!!!
Anyway-boy or girl-our baby will be so loved and I honestly and truthfully do not care what gender our baby is! My main concern is baby's health!! I think a boy would be fun in many ways and I think a girl would be fun in many ways!

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