Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Common Questions - Maybe a bit of a Vent?! ;)

Since we've announced our pregnancy I have gotten some pretty common questions. As we progress through this pregnancy the questions come more and more often and they are usually the same. Here are some common questions:

-How are you feeling? (to which I always respond with a "great actually, thank you"
-Do you know what you're having? (my response "no" and then their response in a shocked face " WHAT? How can you not find out, Omigod, thats insane" - at this point I am usually internally rolling my eyes
-When are you due? (the same people seem to ask this question no matter how many times I tell them.  I always tell them "December 23rd" and they always have the same response "A Christmas baby, thats a sin, the poor child will be ripped off" - Ummm no s/he won't! Momma is going to make sure our baby's birthday is celebrated in s super special way-I've already been thinking and planning special birthdays ;)
-When are you going off work? (this question bugs me-especially when work people ask-not so much family/feriends but work people! The answer to this question is: I DON'T KNOW! I plan to work for as long as I can as long as I still feel this great. This, as any pregnant woman can tell you, can change quickly. one minite you're feeling great and the next minute you're uncomfortable and ready to be done! Right now my plan is to work as long as possible so I can have the time on the other end at home with our baby. Time will tell).
-Is your husband excited? (this is SUCH a strange question. Of course he is excited, he is going to be a dad! he's over the moon excited and tells me how excited he is What a bizarre question. Not to mention, everyone that asks this, have never even met
-Are you REALLY uncomfortable/sick/not sleeping/excited to be almost done this pregnancy? (I alsways responds to each of these questions with a great big 'NO WAY'. I honestly love being pregnant and I often wonder if I will miss being pregnant! I am not uncomfortable at all right now, not sick, sleeping like a dream and as excited as I am to meet our baby, I am in no way excited to be done with this pregnancy-I love every minute of it-yes even the heartburn...haha)

I also get asked to post more updates and pictures on FB (Again, this would not be any family or friends because those people have my blog site and know to come here to check for updates). I feel really uncomfortable posting a lot of info on Face Book due to the number of 'aquaintences' that are on there and there are some things that should be kept sacred-I believe pregnancy is not to be showboated or every detail exposed on Facebook where people creep to the point of 'creepy'! LOL I do not want nor need every old high school classmate, old and current work colleagues, former customers or friends of friends of friends knowing about every doctor's appointment and/or seeing pictures of my ever growing belly as each and every week passes. My blog is  a great way to post updates to those that I really want to share the intimate details and feelings of my pregnancy! Don't get me wrong, I will post occasional pictures and updates on Facebook but something about posting a lot of info on there just feels like...well an attention hog! lol
For those of you reading this...this is obviously NOT aimed at any of you as you are the ones I chose to share the details with and I love your care, excitement and help along the way! It's all the weird, nosey, practically strangers that make these strange comments and ask the same questions over and over again!


Jessi said...

With you on #2 and #3...I swear, the same people ask every time, now when is your due date...Oh, a Christmas baby...poor thing...Um no, actually every baby is a miracle and yes, we'll do our best to make their birthday special, too! Glad you are still feeling well. I've got a cold and baby is way up in my ribs/lungs. So, while pregnancy for the most part has been enjoyable (sometimes I even forget I am pregnant), its starting to be a lot more noticeable and sometimes uncomfortable.....

Sheena said...

Totally agree with you girl! (Especially the point about Facebook!) Glad your feeling so sure is sneaking up on you guys!