Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pre-Natal Appointment Update

This morning we had another pre-natal appointment. They are now every 2 weeks until after the next appointment when they will be every week. This week's appointment was pretty routine. My urine was fine, my weight is right on track with where it should be (YAY) and my blood pressure was also very good (another YAY). My belly is measuring at 34 weeks andn baby's heartbeat was 148 BPM today! Everything is going really well. Doctor also did a quick check to feel where baby was and she is still pretty confidant that baby W is still head down! My next appointment is November 23rd and this is where they will do an internal exam to ensure Baby is where s/he should be and to see if I am dilated at all. I'm not gonna lie-I'm not as excited for this next appointment as I was for the rest of them-haha! One thing that does excite me is that this means that Baby is coming VERY soon! It'll be such a huge realization that this is the end-or actually more like the beginning!
John is getting more and more excited every day and so am I of course but my nerves are definitely kicking in. But if I stop and think about it, I'm not really sure what I am nervous about. Sometimes I think I am mistaking excitement for nerves. Sure I am a little nervous for the unknown of labor and delivery as well as breatfeeding but I feel as though I am taking all the necessary steps to educate myself and calm these nerves. I know I'll be okay and then I stop and really think...I think about that moment when our baby is here, I hear my husband say "It's a ___" and I think about what it will feel like to look into his/her eyes and finally meet this little person my husband and I created together, this little person I have felt growing inside me for the past 9 months. This excitement is something I can't explain! I think about watching John with our child and my heart already skips a beat! I think about our families meeting their grandchild and niece/nephew for the first time. I think about our baby's first car ride as we head for home. I think about walking into our home with our precious baby for the first time and the first night at home! I think about so many things that excite me to the moon and back!!! I can't wait to share the names we have chosen with the world! I cannot wait to be a mommy!!!! This excitement far outweighs any fear or nervousness I may have!

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