Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Quick Update

First things first: MY SISTER IS COMING HOME TONIGHT! WHOOT WHOOT! I am sooooo excited to see her! She arrives in early tomorrow morning and then is coming to visit me- YAY! I haven't seen her since April so I am super pumped to see her and give her a big hug!! She's home until after New Year's which is nice! She'll be at my mom's though for the most part but will be in Saint John to see me this week and when the baby gets here! YAY!
In Baby news, we now have the car seat in our car! WOW-this makes it very real when you are driving around with the car seat in the car! There was a free car seat clinic in Saint John over the weekend so we went and they put it in properly and showed us how to do it as well-although that sucker is staying in there and not coming out now-lol! We also have our bags all packed and ready to go and the room is just about finished with the exception of a few things we ordered ages ago for decor and are still not in-not impressed by this!
My appointment this morning went very well. I'm not having any contractions yet so there was no need to check me! The did feel to make sure the baby was still head down and of course s/he is! Baby's heartbeat was 146 today and my wieght and blood pressure are A-Okay! So we're right on target! YAY! They measured my belly and it is measuring at 38 weeks (as opposed to the 36 weeks and a bit I really am) so while that may mean absolutely nothing, my husband has been convinced for months this baby will be here early and this just added fuel to his fire! lol He is convinced he is right on this as well as the sex! I think I'll go a little late and be celebrating Christmas in the hospital with my beautiful baby boy! BUT...we'll see! It's funny how everyone thinks they are right and thats that! hehe
I am loving the holidays! The snow we've been getting has really made it feel like Christmas. I can't wait for the Christmas movies and Christmas music palying on the radio. I had a decaf eggnog latte over the weekend and it was sooo yummy! We are getting our tree this weekend! YAY! Our house is all decorated now just need to get the tree up. I am going to attempt to bake some cookies too! I love doing some Christmas baking and although my mom said she'd make whatever holiday sweets I want and bring them to me, I want to at least make something. I am running out of time to do these things so hopefully I get it all done! My gifts are all wrapped so that is one thing crossed off my to-do list! YAY!
This weekend is the Xerox Christmas party at the Delta. The following week is my department/team's party. Since I am one of the planners for the team party I decided I kinda have to go to that one and so I don't think we'll go to the Xerox party at the Delta! I think we'll skip that one! We'll see! That same day I also have a luncheon with some of the new girlfriends I've made up here so I don't want to over do it and since this is the first weekend John has had off with absoutely no plans to go anywhere or travel, I kinda want to enjoy it at home with him-maybe watch some Christmas movies or something! Besides, the next weekend is my Team Party so Xerox doesn't get both of my weekends-no way! lol

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