Thursday, December 2, 2010

37 Weeks = FULL TERM

Today marks a huge milestone - today I am officially full term!!! 37 weeks and still going strong and feeling good-well feeling large, a little tired here and there and the heartburn is so bad I now get it in the morning before I have even had so much as a sip of water: whats that about anyways?! BUT...I am NOT complaining at all! I am still enjoying this pregnancy and I think I have decided to finish up work on the 15th! I have not yet told my boss but that seems to be the plan as of now in my head anyway. It'll leave me with a week before my due date which will be plenty and hey, maybe Baby will come a little early like his/her daddy seems to think!
Every night this week John and I have been working in the nursery! It's going well and so far I love love love it!!! Once it's all finished I'll be sure to take some pictures and post them on the blog.
No odd cravings, still no stretch marks (I know this is too good to be true and I will be full of them by the time baby is here but thats okay-it'll be worth it to hold that perfect little bundle in my arms), belly button is still in and to the surprise of many pregnant gals I speak with-I am not getting any leg cramps as of yet! Just really awkward getting in and out of bed/moving around and I don't know who invented the snoogle but I would love to meet her (it HAD to be a woman) and give her a great big high five!
Another surprise to many is that I have had no Braxton Hicks contractions (warm up contractions as they called it in Pre-Natal) - or at least I don't think I have had any! I know not everyone gets them but most women seem surprised when they ask me and I say "nope none yet".
Last night I dreamt my water broke. I dream odd dreams every night but last night's dream was very realistic - so much so, that I woke up kinda nervous and thinking "wow, when that happens how will I feel?! What do I do?! The baby will be on his/her way".
Well that's all the update I have for now!!

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Auntie L said...

I love love love the nursery as well!:)