Thursday, December 9, 2010

38 Weeks

How far along? 38 Weeks!! Only 2 to go until our EDD =)

How big is baby?: between 18-20 inches long and 5.5 to 7 lbs! The size of a watermelon-wow thats big and it certainly explains why I have to pee so frequently and can't breath as easily

Maternity clothes?: God yes! in fact most of my shirts are getting too short on me! Only 2 weeks to go though so I'll just keep pulling them down for now and I have a few extra long ones that are okay

Stretch marks?: Unfortunately the inevitable has happened. I do now have a couple small stretch marks. I noticed them the other night and when I pointed them out to John his remarks were "Where? I don't see them. Oh there? You can barely see them-I wouldn't even count those as real stretch marks" - Oh how I love that man!! hehe

Sleep?: still sleeping really well for the most part- hubby however is not sleeping as well. Between me not being able to breath as well, my snoogle and my tossing and turning/grunting and groaning to move he is counting his good sleep nights as basically over! haha

Best moment this week?: I'm going to say seeing my sister even though that was last thursday! It was so great to see her! I also will sya the shower the lovely ladies of NB threw for me on Saturday. So much fun and so sweet of them!

Food cravings: nothing really

Gender: Team Green! (Getting more and more excited to find out if Baby Walker is a boy or a girl)

Belly button in or out?: still in but shallow

Movement?: yes-still lots of movement. Baby is stretching lots and still giving jabs to my ribs on the right side

What I miss?: nothing
What I'm looking forward to:  meeting our baby!! I can't believe we're so close to meeting our son or daughter!
Weekly wisdom: Enjoy your time as just a couple now and get as much sleep as possible

Milestones: Getting things in order to go on maternity leave-WHOA


mchupie said...

I seriously cannot believe how close you are!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi John & Ainslie!
This is Chris, your tall ESL colleague from our days in Korea. I just stumbled upon your blog. Congratulations on your big life events, and Happy Holidays!! Kristen and I are really excited for you!

Mrs. W said...

WOW Chris! So great to hear from you! Thanks for the well wishes! Say Hi to Kristen for us as well! Hope you guys are doing well!

Martha said...

Time is getting close and so excited for you guys. Wishing you well on your delivery and cannot wait to see pictures of the newest Walker.

Many Blessings,


Mrs. W said...

Thanks Steph!! We cannot wait!! Seems like the oregnancy flew by! There will definitely be plenty of pictures so stay tuned...