Saturday, December 11, 2010

One Year Ago Today....

One year ago today we moved into this house! I remember that day as really great because we had finally gotten out of that awful apartment and were moving into a great new home in the Valley! When we sold our house in Mt. Uniacke and moved to New Brunswick, we had to live in an apartment until we could find a house we loved and close on it. Luckily, we found a house pretty quick but the sellers wanted to have a late closing date. We bought the house the end of September but had a December 11th closing date. We stayed in the world's most awful apartment in the most sketchy part of Saint John until we could finally move into our house. Janet, Rick, Kyle and Jaime were all nice enough to come help with our move! It was a freezing cold day but we got everything in just as darkness was really setting in. That weekend we unpacked as fast as we could and organized as much as we could. We just wanted to work in power mode so we could then decorate for Christmas and be settled! One year later I can't imagine living anywhere else. We've made a few slight changes to the house! It'll be absolutely perfect to welcome our child into!!
*The picture was not from the December move but rather when we moved our stuff from Mt. Uniacke into storage in Saint John. I just thought it was a nice touch to this post ;)

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