Monday, December 13, 2010

Last Weekend as 'Just Us' =)

This weekend was a fun and festive one although there were a few 'moments'! We realized that this would be the last weekend as 'just us' since next weekend John works and the following weekend my family will be here for Christmas and we may also have our beautiful baby by then! =)
Friday night was my work team party. The Xerox party was the previous weekend at the Delta but I had decided not to go to that one and just attend the team party which was just for the 16 people in my department/team. It was held at a co-workers house. It was a nice time but we didn't stay very late! When we got home Christmas Vacation was on so I watched that as John watched some of it and drifted in and out of sleep! I was up way too early on Saturday morning (think 6am early). I don't know why but during work days I can't seem to drag myself out of bed and on weekends I am up with the birds. I stayed in bed until 6:30 and then got up and did some cleaning! It was snowing pretty good all day until late afternoon. We had a pretty relaxing day and then in the early evening we ran a few errands and went to dinner for our last date night before baby. We had reservations at Thandi and I'm glad we did make reservations. I had a rather embarassing moment at this restaurant. Thandi is one of my favorite restaurants in Saint John. It specializes in Asian Fusion food and it is sooo yummy! The atmosphere is super nice too!! So we walk into this restaurant and because it is one of the nicer restuarants in the city and it's so close to Christmas, the place is crazy busy!! We give them our names and they show us to our table. Here is where the problem starts. They had reserved for us a tiny booth that would seat 2 people only. Now I have sat here before and enjoyed these tables but this night it just was not going to work. It got embarassing FAST. I could not fit in the booth. My belly was too large to fit in it! I was mortified. The lady was a little snappy at first and made a comment/joke about how I should have told her our resverations were actually for three. Then they were all rushing about trying to 'make' a table for us. People were rushing around, I kept getting in the way (my belly was in the way), then they realized how rude they were and how embarassed and uncomfortable I was and then were practically tripping over themselves to make sure we were happy and getting good service. It was embarassing at first but then once we got seated it was a really nice evening. John reminds me that this is a story we'll laugh at for year to come!! It's true! In the end we did get great service and they were very friendly but at first I wanted to crawl under a table and hide - however, at this point - hiding would be next to impossible! lol
After we had a really nice meal we went to a surprise party for the wife of a guy John works with. It was a nice time and we met some really nice people. We left the party and on the way home stopped for ice cream and a drive around the neighbourhoods in our area to look at the Christmas lights. It was sooo nice and the houses were beautiful. We had gotten a lot of snow that day so the lights in trees and on houses were especially beautiful with the freshly fallen snow on them. It was peaceful and such a perfect date night!!
the next day we got some groceries and then for whatever reason I thought it would be a great idea to do some baking. Well maybe it would have been fine but I did too much and ended up exhausted. I ruined one batch of cookies completely (my favorite Christmas cookies at that) and had to throw the entire batch in the garbage. The bowl had broke into the cookies so rather than eat cookies full of sharp melamane plastic and risk poisoning any guests, I tossed them in the trash. I was sooo frustrated and exhausted. I called my mom and had a mini melt down! I couldn't control the tears and for whatever reason, ruined cookies seemed to be, at that point in time, the end of the world!! Then as I was sitting at the kitchen table, exhausted and frustrated, the bag of garbage that hubby had taken out of the grabage can and set on the floor to take outside, fell over and all the crumbly cookie dough fell all over the floor. That was it! Water works again-luckily hubby cleaned up the kitchen, Mom told me to stop baking, relax and she would make the cookies and so I went to get a long hot shower and then got into bed to end that day! I know this is a day I'll again look at and laugh! In fact I was laughing about it this morning. I realize the hormones are whacky as I would normally never cry over spilled cookie dough but it was very frustrating and I was exhausted!
In other news, we completely finished the baby's room yesterday as well. Stay tuned for pictures and a video clip as well ;)
3 more work days...


Sarah :) said...

The restaurant story is funny (after the fact). I'm glad the staff realized how embarrassed you were and made things right. I never would have thought to tell them that I'm pregnant and can't fit in a booth LOL!!

Wow.... so your last weekend alone is over and done, eh? That is a tough one to believe, Momma. S/he could literally be here ANY day now!!

Mrs. W said...

Yeah it's a funny story now! haha
It is CRAZY!! Can't wait though!