Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Appointment Update

This morning we had another pre-natal appointment. We've been lucky enough to get the same nurse the past 3 or 4 appointments and she is really nice, informative and easy to talk to! I wish she would be my labour and delivery nurse but she only works in the pre-natal clinic so thats not going to happen! I'm sure we'll get another equally nice nurse though.
Without going into too much detail about today's appointment I will give a brief update. My urine, blood pressure and weight was all fine. Baby's heart beat was 150BPM today. I have dropped but there is still more to go! There is some progress but not a whole lot (not dilated at all but without going into detail there is some progress).
They also scheduled my fetal assessment in case I don't go on or before my due date. Normally they wouldn't schedule it a week before but with the holidays and the fetal assessment unit being closed the 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th they are quite booked up next week and so they thought it would be better to schedule it now as a just in case. Basically, if I do not go into labour by December 24th at 8:15am I have an appointment to go into the fetal assessment unit and have a biophysical profile. They'll just assess the baby to make sure s/he is still thriving and check the overall well being of the baby! It consists of monitoring the baby's heart rate, plus and ultrasound evaluation of the baby's movements and the amount of fluid around the baby. If all is okay at this appointment they'll schedule another assessment sometime over Christmas (the 25th, 26th, 27th or 28th) and for this I'll have to go to Labour and Delivery since the fetal assessment unit will be closed for the holidays. It will be through these assessments that they'll decide if and when to induce. I am hoping that this will not be necessary and so I ask you all to do a labour dance or say labour prayers so that I will go on my own! ;)
Here is a picture of me at 38 weeks and 2 days =)


Jessi said...

Can you believe we're this close?!!? My midwife thinks I'll go this week. There was some progress (a little more than last week). She mentioned I probably won't need my appointment with the doctor next Monday...Sending positive labor vibes your way. No inductions for either of us!!

Mrs. W said...

OMG - YAY for you making some progress! That's exciting! I cannot wait to get an update and find out if you are Team Blue or Team Pink =)

Mrs. W said...

Oh and GOOD LUCK! ;)

Amy Jackson said...

I'm SO SO SO SO SO excited for you!! I cannot believe you're in the single digits and you are one of the most beautiful pregnant women I've ever seen! Hopefully you'll have John post on FB when you go into labor. How else will I know?!

Mrs. W said...

Thanks Dahling!! =) I am so so so excited too! hehe!! Thanks for your sweet words!! I'll definitely email you to discuss how we will fill you in on our news!! ;)