Thursday, December 23, 2010

40 Weeks (aka: DUE DATE)

Well I am officially 40 weeks today!! I still feel good so this makes me wonder if maybe baby is not going to show up anytime soon?! BUT...labour is like a switch and could come at any time! Hubby is now home for the holidays. So we both gave baby a pep talk to let him/her know that any time now would be good ;) hehe!
Today was a fun day. I had some visitors which was a nice way to break my day up from the usual routine of...doing nothing! haha! A lady I work with and her husband stopped by to drop off a sweet gift for the baby...a Christmas outfit! And then Kimberly and her parents came by for a visit. It was nice to meet her folks who were very nice! Kimberly and I exchanged gifts and she had found the cutest little onesie for baby which s/he BETTER get to wear-haha! It says "Baby's First New Year 2011" so I'll be sure to get a cute photo op! S/he better be here by then...I would think!! Then not long after Kimberly and her parents left, John came home so now I am all set! No more boring days! Mom, Lauren and Donald all arrive tomorrow evening for Christmas!!
So tonight could be our last night alone as just husband and wife! Since the family arrives tomorrow and won't be leaving until Tuesday and we think/hope baby will be here by then. We just had a VERY yummy supper of all our favorite foods to kick start this holiday and are now just settling down to watch a little TV and relax! It will be an early night for us since we have to get up super early tomorrow morning to be at the hospital for our fetal assessment (Biophysical Profile = BPP). The appointment is for 8:15 but the nurse said to go extra early and bring a book because there will be a wait. With the unit being closed for 4 days they have overbooked their appointments. We plan to be there for 7:30. Thankfully I can eat and drink before hand and I do not have to have a full bladder. Since we will have an ultrasound we plan to advise them that we don't want to see just to be sure we don't see any parts that would disclose baby W's gender!!
So other than that...not much else. Let's see...pretty much every maternity shirt but one is too short now. I do have a few stretch marks on my tummy which is no real surprise but my belly button is still in (although barely). Other than the insane need to pee every few minutes, I feel pretty good. I have had some cramps/pains/contractions but nothing regular or too intense yet. I have become crazy cleaning my house trying to get everything JUST so for bringing baby home! I guess this is nesting but in all honesty I am always like this-haha.
As for how the daddy-to-be is doing?! Well he is doing great as well! VERY excited and getting anxious. I'm so glad to have him home with me for the next little while!!! He is asleep in the lazy boy chair right now...he works so hard so maybe a few days rest before baby would be good for him. If we can handle our excitement and anticipation that long! haha
So until tomorrow...


Sarah :) said...

I can not wait until the big announcement (though I'm sure not 1/2 as much as you can haha!)

Thank you for sharing the past 40 weeks with us. xo

mchupie said...

Happy due date! I hope baby comes soon :)